Summary: This sermon is the eighth in a series of ten on Motivational Spiritual Gifts which communicates the characteristics of the gift of Administration in order to allow the Holy Spirit to reveal this gift to those who have it.

Well, with the gift of administration we come to the seventh motivational spiritual gift categorized in Romans 12:6-8. And in verse 8c the KJV reads, “he that ruleth, with diligence.” The NIV translates it, “if it is leadership, let him govern diligently.” The Greek word here is “proistemi” which comes from pro = before and istemi = to stand. So the literal meaning is to stand before or to preside. It denotes one who rules over others or oversees, gives oversight to other people and tasks to be accomplished. It has to do with leadership, organizing and giving direction.

Now, outside the Bible in the Greek world from which the word came “proistemi” was used for piloting a ship, for steering it through the rocks, safely to port. So, I believe the best word today to communicate who the person with this gift is would be an administrator. And the definition of the gift of administration is one with the ability to coordinate the activities of others for the achieve-ment of a common goal. This person is able to give vision and direction. They’re able to organize and direct toward a specific goal. They see that everything’s done decently and in order. Projects and tasks are done in a way that promotes the work of God and the growth of those involved.

What a valuable and needed gift this is in the church of Jesus Christ. A God-given capacity to organize and administer with such efficiency and spirituality, that not only is the project brought to a satisfactory conclusion, but it’s done harmoniously and with evident blessing. And the person in the Bible who personifies the profile of an administrator best is the needed Nehemiah. He was the leader of the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. He had been the cup bearer of the king, but God put a burden on his heart to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. If you want to get a real picture of an Administrator read the OT book of Nehemiah. As for us today, let’s look at:

The Characteristics of the Gift of Administration

1. Ability to see the overall picture

A person with the gift of Administration is able to get the long look. They can visualize from the beginning to the end of a project. They have the ability to visualize the final results of a major undertaking. When a major project is given to an administrator, they’re able to picture the completed task and what it will take to accomplish it. They not only see the goal, but they have an awareness of the resources needed and available to reach the goal. Like the prophet heart, the administrator heart has vision. They are visionary people with a broad perspective. And in upholding that vision for others to see, they can inspire great accomplishment. They visualize how people can work together to accomplish a common goal. As Proverbs 29:18 tells us, “Where there is no vision, the people perish.” Vision is needed to keep people in focus and administrators are able to see the overall picture.

2. The motivation to organize

No one else has to motivate the administrator. You’re motivated by the challenge that’s set before you and the goal that you see. They are usually self-starters, they don’t have to be prodded. Once they get the glimpse and see the goal they know where they’re headed. Administrators love a challenge. They love to “dig in”and develop or organize anything they’re in charge of. The natural motivation is there – a creative desire to take what’s available and produce something that’s never been before – like organizing an office, setting up a committee, or developing a project. And in organizing they have the ability to break down major goals into smaller, achievable tasks. That enables the administrator to complete the task or project more quickly. They see the ultimate goal and are motivated to reach it by setting intermediate goals and they focus on each one of them. An administrator heart is motivated to see all this come to pass quickly as the work is organized.

3. The ability to delegate

Administrators love to tell people what to do. And I mean that in a positive sense. Once an administrator sets their focus out there and begins to see all the resources, one of the things they do is to check the resource of people and begin to put these people to work. They easily see what jobs need to be done and they seem to know who can do them well. They have the ability to know what can or cannot be delegated. They enjoy delegating tasks and supervising people. They enjoy distributing work in such a way that it’ll bring about maximum satisfaction and accomplishment. And they’re able to naturally maintain a continued accountability with their workers. Nehemiah delegated the building of the walls, but he retained the responsibility of dealing with the enemies and guarding the walls. He knew what he should and shouldn’t delegate to others.

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