Summary: Spiritual Gifts Series - 13 of 13.


Romans 12:8

INTRO: A Sunday School teacher asked the boys and girls if they ever showed kindness to dumb animals. One little boy finally spoke up, AWell, I kicked my brother one time for kicking his dog!

Maybe the little boy had a lot to learn about mercy but at least he was moved deeply enough to take action!


Mercy means to have pity on someone or to feel compassion for them. The verbal form of the word used in Romans 12:8 indicates that you not only have pity and feel compassion but also get actively involved in the situation. One who has the gift of mercy will not just stand by silently feeling sad.

It’s interesting to note that Paul qualified the use of this gift by saying let it be done with cheerfulness. This means that those with the gift of mercy minister with a noticeable spirit of joy. They are like a sunbeam in a dark room or sweet perfume in a musty area.

Visiting the hospital gives one a good chance to watch people try merciful service. One kind of person will leave the patient feeling like the death angel has just visited, but another person with the gift of mercy will make you feel like an angel of mercy has come. The gift of mercy is that Godgiven ability to bring sympathetic action to situations of sorrow with an attitude of cheerfulness .


Quiet often people cried out to Jesus for mercy. Remember the two blind men, the woman whose daughter had a demon, Bartimaeus, and the ten lepers? To all these Jesus gave more than a pitiful look. He got involved in their pitiful situations. One of Jesus’ most famous parables involved a Samaritan who showed mercy to a Jew. The greatest act of mercy by Jesus was His willingness to go to the cross for sinners. Having seen the pathetic state of life, shattered people, and the power of sin, Jesus went to the cross to get involved!


This is another one of the most common and most needed gifts. You may have this gift if you feel an overwhelming urge to get involved when you see sorrow or suffering, if you can express mercy cheerfully, or if people often compliment you or your smile, your touch, or your gentleness.

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