Summary: Every believer receives at least one gift from the Holy Spirit to use in the body of Christ.

I want to tell you about our cat. Our cat is named Roger – our female cat, Roger. Trey named her. It’s weird, but you get used to it. It’s funny. But Roger…she’s a nice cat. She was so cute. She actually showed up at Jason and Erica Carlson’s house a little over a year ago. A little kitten came out of the corn field and so Erica called us and said, “Hey, do you guys want a cat?” And we said sure. Maybe it would help with the mice and all that stuff. I’m kind of allergic to cats, but I can put up with it. So this little kitten came over, thanks to Jason and Erica. This little kitten came over and we fed it food right away because it was starving. It just ate two whole cans of cat food. And then later on in the night time the cat’s stomach was just packed with food. You could just see it. It had never eaten like that. It was having fun. It was so little that it wasn’t scared of Bruno. So it went up to Bruno and Bruno didn’t really care about it. Bruno’s our dog, by the way. Our male dog.

So I went downstairs and tried to get the cat used to being downstairs. It was going to be downstairs. And I was just sitting there and just for a few minutes and all of a sudden the cat came out with a mouse. This little kitten with a big mouse in its mouth. I was like “Awesome. This is what you’re supposed to do!” And I was thinking what is it going to do with this mouse now? It was dead. I thought, oh man. There’s going to be blood all over the place and I just sat there and watched it. I couldn’t look away. It just devoured the whole mouse. It just chomped it down and then the tail just went right down!!  Wow! That’s awesome. It was clean. It was great. This is a wonderful cat. Roger. We’re so thankful for Roger.

Well, Roger started growing up and this fall, at the end of the summer time, something started to look funny. It was gone for a couple of days and I saw it sitting in the driveway after being gone for a couple of days and it had stuff on its face and I was thinking it was probably distemper or something. So I went online… “Distemper” and it says like some cats, some 20%, can make it through distemper. You’ve just got to really love them and really try to give them food and care. So I know a lot of you come from farming backgrounds – that would have been the end of Roger, but we couldn’t do that!

So we took Roger and we just cared for her and loved her. She got worse.  So we took her to the vet and the vet said no, it wasn’t distemper. It’s something else. You know it’s bad when the vet is like, “I’ve never really seen this before. Let me know what happens, will you?” That’s what he said. She hadn’t eaten for like 15 days at this point – just skin and bones. Little Roger.

So the boys…we started praying for Roger. And so once we started praying for Roger, you know then that takes putting this cat to sleep off the table. You want to see if God is going to answer these little boys prayers. And so Roger was there. My wife was so good with Roger. Just petting her and holding her like each evening and taking her up to give her water because she couldn’t even walk at this point. I mean it was like suffering. We didn’t want the poor cat to suffer either. But we kept praying.

And sure enough Roger’s face was all swelled up. It started going back down to normal. Little by little Roger started getting better. And just yesterday (it was a nice day) Roger was outside, completely healed, running around, having fun, enjoying life once again.

Roger was sick and Roger got better. When Roger got better now we didn’t just throw Roger back down in the basement…see ya later. We let Roger come up. We let Roger go outside and have fun. Yesterday I looked out the window and Roger was jumping around and frolicking and kind of chasing after Bruno. Bruno didn’t care again, but he was kind of chasing after Bruno and having fun and living life. He came inside and we gave Roger food and Roger just eats the food so strongly. Thankful. I think she remembers those 15 days she didn’t eat food and she got better for a purpose. Another purpose is the kids love her. The boys hold her and she’s never bitten or scratched the boys. They pick her up by the tail, they hold her, and do all this stuff. They love her and God healed her. I mean, that’s in our house. We know that. God healed Roger and it’s a great thing. So Roger has a purpose in her life. She was healed. She was made well for a purpose.

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