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Summary: This series takes a look at the lives of Jesus’ disciples and how they changed the world. This week we look at the gifts Jesus gives to those He calls.

Be a World Changer II

The Gifts

Acts 3:1-10

Introduction: Today we continue with our look at some events from the lives of Jesus’ disciples and how they changed the world. Our focus last week was answering Jesus’ call for us to be saved and to minister for Him. (Discuss the importance of “getting on the train” to reach the destination).

This week we look at how he equips us for ministry.

I. Discipleship – Following Jesus

A. Discipleship is important – Pursuing Jesus – Keep worshipping and praising Him.

1. Keep praying

B. The early church changed the world through:

1. Believers – unity, staying together, especially prayer

2. Message – Salvation by grace – don’t lose sight of this

3. Method – They witnessed to everyone

4. Purpose – Proclaiming the message.

5. Power – The Holy Spirit was in them.

6. It is the same for us today.

C. Attendance at the temple was important to these believers. So too is attendance here important for us. It is part of discipleship.

D. Disciples change the world by associating with those who need to be changed.

1. (Luke 5:31) – “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick.”

2. Don’t insulate yourself from those who need Jesus.

II. Recognize His Power

A. He grants us opportunities to change the world. We must recognize these

B. Respond the Holy Spirit and understand what God desires us to do.

C. Peter didn’t give him what he wanted – Money - Peter gave him what he really needed – Jesus

1. Peter didn’t just help him up, he helped him in His faith.

2. A literal translation reads “Look into us.”

E. Miracles are meant to increase our faith. The question is not, “why have miracles stopped”, but “have miracles stopped.”

1. They are all around us. Today medicine routinely does what would have been miraculous to the disciples.

2. The best medicine has always been Jesus. God continues to increase our faith through Him. Only He can make us whole.

F. All the power came from Jesus – ILLUS – Rich church saying “No more can we say ‘We have no silver or gold’”, Leader responds “Neither can we say ‘Rise up and walk’”.

1. Stay focused on Jesus – “Rise up and live in Him” to be a world changer.

III. Credit Jesus

A. Matt 5:16 – “That they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in Heaven.”

B. The gift Peter had to heal was not of himself but of Christ

1. We offer salvation not of ourself but of Christ.

2. That’s how we change the world. – Not through ourself but through Christ – One soul at a time.

C. The gift the beggar received was priceless – just like salvation.

D. All credit to Jesus –Previously he was not allowed in the temple because of his ailment. Not he ran into the temple filled with the Holy Spirit.

1. It was prayer time

2. The people noticed the disturbance.


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