Summary: God’s plan to see his glory fill the whole earth is to use the church to be his "Glory carriers."

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The Glory of God March 30 2003

Those of you who receive Richard Long’s Together news letter via email would know that he and Michael Lafluer are just back from England. They visited Leeds where they met with a multiple number of key leaders in the emerging city-wide church. They call this movement "Building Together"

The stated vision of "Building Together" is the "re-evangelization and transformation of England, so that England itself may be a blessing to other nations." Though I heard them say with a smile that it is intended to be a invisible subversive force, the mission statement goes like this - "To encourage, enable and support the body of Christ in towns, cities, and regions to stand together in unity, in prayer, in prophetic insight and wisdom and to be agents of the kingdom of God in every sphere of society."

Encapsulated in that mission statement are the four elements that Mike Love (a regional leader) described as being vital in the process.

1. Relational Unity among church leaders and the people of God in any given geography.

2. Prophetic Insight and Revelation

3. Informed Intercession

4. Permission and equipping for the people of God in the context of their life and work.

I think that we are getting better are the 1st point, in Toronto, but we are weak in the other three. Although I would love to talk more about all the points, I want to deal with the last point “Permission and equipping for the people of God in the context of their life and work.”

Permission to use your spiritual gifts in all areas of your life, not just in what we call church life – giving the freedom to be more involved in other areas rather than only serving the church community and institution.

Equipping – training our people to be the church in every sphere of our lives.

Let’s pray….

A few years ago, the a video came out called “Transformations” – the transforming power of the glory of God not just on individuals, and families, but on communities, cities, and whole countries. I know that some of you have seen it. One of the things that that video did for many people was to give us a desire to see God’s glory manifest in my neighbourhood, and in our city.

There are amazing stories in the scripture about the glory of God, and the power of his glory

Incidents of his glory

Moses hid in the cleft of the rock In Exodus 33:12f Moses ask God to see his glory, but

God’s Glory filling the tabernacle – In Exodus 40:34 God had told the people to build a big tent or tabernacle where he would come and meet with them – sort of a portable temple. When they had built it to God’s specifications, and set it up, God’s Glory came and filled the tent in such a way that not even Moses could enter the tent.

God’s Glory filling the temple – in 1 Kings 8:10-11 and again in 2 Chronicles 5:14 When the temple has finally been completed by Solomon, God’s Glory came and filled the temple to such a degree that it says that the Priests could not even stand to do their duties

The promises of His glory

Prayer for his Glory

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