Summary: The Glory of His Childhood (PowerPoint slides to accompany this talk are available on request - email:

Reading: Luke chapter 2 verses 41-50.

Quote: R.C. Sproul (the American author, theologian and pastor):

“The soul is lifted up by the contemplation of the glory of God and of his only begotten Son”

“It is Christ in his glory who is the object of our worship and adoration. As Christians we join the communion of saints and the host of heaven in lifting up praise and honour to him”.


• A girl of five year old girl went with a group of family and friends;

• To visit an Anglican Church on Christmas Eve.

• Hey arrived early and had time to look more closely at a beautifully done nativity scene.

• "Isn't that beautiful?" said the little girl's grandmother.

• "Look at all the animals, Mary, Joseph and the baby Jesus."

• The little girl replied. "Yes, Grandma, it is really nice.

• But there is only one thing that bothers me. Isn't baby Jesus ever going to grow up

• He's the exactly the same size he was last year."


• We have this morning a story that illustrates part of that growing;

• I want to point out 4 things by way of introduction.


• First, this is the ONLY inspired, biblically recorded incident;

• Incident in the youthful years of Jesus Christ.

• Matthew records the flight to Egypt of Jesus the very young child;

• When Herod slaughtered all baby boys under the age of two.

• But other than this incident is the only one in the childhood years of Jesus;

• There is no other biblical record of any incident in the growing up years of Jesus.


• There are some spurious writings which have tried to fill in the gaps;

• And make Jesus’ childhood supernatural.

• ill: The story that when Jesus when he was five years old he made soft clay,

• And he formed twelve sparrows,

• Then he clapped his hands together and cried out to the sparrows saying to them:

• “Go! And the sparrows took their flight and went away chirping.”

• It might make for an interesting story, but it is not true!

• It is not recorded in any of the 4 Gospels

• ill:: John chapter 2 verse 11 “His first miracle…at the wedding at Cana, in Galilee”).


• We have recorded in this account in Luke;

• The very first recorded words of Jesus.

• ill: Some of you have Bibles with the words of Jesus in red.

• Well in all 4 gospels this will be your first bit of read ink!

• And as we will see in our study;

• They are very, very important words indeed ( suppose that is why they are recorded!)


• Third, this is the last time Joseph is ever mentioned in the life of Jesus.

• It is commonly believed that Joseph must have died sometime after this incident.

• It seems certain that this last mention of Joseph;

• Is also a clue to the importance of our passage, and of the incident it records.

• Jesus may soon lose his earthly step-Father;

• But he is aware and declares to others in this story that he has a heavenly Father!


• Finally, the actions of Jesus, in the minds of His earthly parents, Mary and Joseph,

• Appear to the casual reader, to be wrong.

• ill: The words of Mary to Jesus clearly imply an assumption of His wrong-doing,

• And thus convey a gentle, but obvious rebuke.

• ill: If this child were any person other than Jesus,

• We would all agree that He was wrong.

• Question is: What is it, then, that makes Jesus’ actions proper,

• When they would not have been for any other 12 year-old?’


• This passage has been called one of those “collie dog” texts.

• Collie dogs are very different to say a bulldog.

• A bulldog, may run straight up to you,

• Look you in the eye, and bite you,

• Collie dogs are very different,

• They tend to sneak around behind you, very quietly,

• And when you are not expecting it;

• Hey can sink their teeth into your hindermost parts.

• This story is like that.

• Initially the story seems to have little impact.

• But watch out!

• This passage may well sneak up on you, and bite!

Two things to note:

(1). Jesus accepted the limitations of humanity


• One of the great things about having young children;

• Is that you get to watch all those Disney films that you skipped over as a teenager or adult!

• One of those films is called Aladdin,

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