Summary: A look at Genesis chapter one in the context of God's creative power

The God of light

Genesis begins:

1 vs 2 Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters.

Genesis begins in darkness, no form, emptiness¡K. So a question for everyone gathered here this morning (but please do not raise your handsƒº), How many here this morning are in complete darkness, empty, and without form?? Notice I have not asked if you feel like this, but if in reality you actually are literally dark, empty and without form. We may have struggles and suffer with many issues over the course of our lifetime, but there is often a difference between how we feel and reality. I asked this question simply to give you a foundation for the rest of your lives¡K no matter where you have come from, no matter the darkness, you have started this life in a better state than the earth. And this should give you hope today because since God can make all things from nothing, there is nothing to big or too small for Him to accomplish in your life.

To move from darkness to light with God requires simply hearing His Word, allowing Him to create as He chooses, and listen as He speaks over you the goodness of His work. There are three simple concepts present in the creation story, and these will give us all we need to see God move in each of our lives.

1. God always speaks the Truth first "And God said¡K

Whether we hear the voice of God as we read the scriptures, in the still small voice of our devotional time, throughout our day, or through the voice of another person, God will always speak to us before anything happens. It is His pattern throughout the entire scriptures cover to cover, He always speaks before He moves.

God speaks first to Moses in Exodus about a plan to deliver His people (Ex 3)

God speaks to Joshua and the enter the promised-land (Joshua 1)

God speaks to Gideon before the deliverance of Israel (Judges

God speaks to Samuel before He chooses the king (David) I Samuel 16

God speaks to the prophet in Ezekiel 37 (valley of dry bones)

God speaks to Mary and she becomes pregnant (Luke 1)

We as a people need to hear the voice of God so that we will know what we believe and have confidence for the circumstances in our lives. Hearing His voice begins simply by reading the Word and spending time talking with God¡K it grows and becomes much more clear from that simple beginning.

2. God causes the work to be accomplished in us¡K "vs 3 and He separated, vs 7 and God made, vs 16 God made, vs 25 God made¡K etc.

God delivered the people of Israel (recorded in the book of Exodus)

God flooded the earth as He promised Noah (Gen 6)

The dry bones become a living army (Ez 37)

God was born as a child through Mary (Luke 2)

It is the work of Christ in us that gives us hope, we are simply stewards just like Adam and Eve in the garden, called to steward the fullness and gifts of God as He creates. As God speaks truth in your life, you will have a choice how you steward that truth, when He declares that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, who do you believe? Some of us are waiting for a MOVE OF GOD in our lives and this morning I give you this word, He has already spoken it over your life, it is now up to you to decide whether you will let Him move and work in you to accomplish what he has declared.

3. God always responds to darkness by creating/bringing light

Notice that in this first book, each day does not begin in the evening the way we would speak ¡K no the bible is written very purposefully, and the day starts with darkness and ends with light¡Kvs 5 "And there was evening, and there was morning¡Xthe first day." I encourage you to search the scriptures and find anywhere that God moves, works, or influences people where there is not movement form darkness to light¡K when the world is disgusting in Genesis chapter 6 God speaks to a man, moves among that family, and a story that begins in darkness and foul sin is concluded with a rainbow and a promise.

Here are some other scriptures for you to consider as we go through this week and year¡K God always brings light to darkness, he is not finished until there is light!!

- John 1:1-4

- The Samaritan woman (John 4)

- Jesus walks on water and immediately they get to shore as He steps in (John 6:16-21)

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