Summary: Learn how to take off the limits off of God

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The God of No Limits

I Chronicles 4:9-10 for free audio sermons

1. Take off the labels (4:9)

a. His mother had labeled him “pain, full of sorrow”

i. What you label or call yourself will determine your identity

1. your identity will determine whether your destiny will be full of limitation or full of potential

2. Jabez would have never asked God to expand his limits, if he would have been operating out of the wrong identity

b. Jabez was disadvantaged, but not disqualify

i. He qualify himself to experience God’s blessing when he became a man of honor and not of horror

1. honor=kabod, which is the same word as “heavy, glory”

a. he carried himself different, because he saw himself different

i. he was “more”

1. what makes a man or woman more?

2. you become more when you become better


i. Character does not come cheap, but the benefits are enormous

c. “his mother named him”

i. what have others named you: failure, fearful, dummy, incompetent

1. notice that he was marked from childhood

a. some of you were marked by words and labels from childhood

ii. are you what circumstances and people say you are?

1. start changing the way you talk about yourself

a. Do you have a high or low expectation of what GOD can do in your life?

d. The label we accept will determine the choices we make

i. Your choices will determine your destiny

e. The wrong labels can cause to reduce your value

i. Your value will determine your self worth

1. When you gave your life to Jesus, your name was change from pain to precious, from pain to prince, from pain to princess, from pain to purpose

f. The worst label is when you have a small God

i. We are midget Christians, when we have a midget God

1. Since God is an overcomer, you are an overcomer

2. Take on your Dominion (4:10)

a. Jabez and the rest us have a desire to have dominion and control

i. The kingdom was delegated to us

1. God gave man the three R’s

a. Rulership

b. Responsibility and

c. Radiance

2. when man fell, he lost dominion over creation

a. since then, man has sought dominion and control, but without God

i. whenever you sin you give up your freedom to have dominion

ii. Man was created to take dominion (Genesis 1:26)

1. but it only works when God is in it and he is the ultimate Lord

3. Speak the language of the Kingdom (4:10)

a. It is time to break words of negativity, doubt, unbelief and failure in our lives

i. Don’t panic, but pray like a child of the king

1. when you speak the language of the Kingdom, you remove barriers and move the boundaries

b. You will speak from the abundance of your heart

i. He had an abundant prayer, because he had an abundant heart

1. If you heart is small and empty, you will have small and empty prayers

ii. Use what language you will, you can never say anything but what you are

iii. Stop bind your prayers with cords of doubt and limitation

1. when ever someone comes with negativity and limitations, please say “We don’t talk like that around here”

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