Summary: This text allows us to see just how faithful God is to His people and how He is the God of the Word.

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Following In the Footsteps of Faith


Genesis 17:1-27

Intro: Some fourteen years have past since God last spoke to Abraham, during his time of disobedience in the matter of Hagar. It is those times of His silence from God that are devastating when they come our way.

In this passage, the Lord speaks to Abram again. When He does it is to reveal even more of the details of His covenant with Abram. Here we have the opportunity to learn more about the faithfulness and work of God in the lives of His people. This passage also allows us to catch a glimpse of The God of the Everlasting Covenant. As we look into the details of this passage, let’s take this opportunity to learn more about the God we serve and be reminded that He is a God Who keeps His Word.

Read Gen. 17:1-8


A. A Revelation of His Person (v. 1)

• For the first time, God reveals Himself as "the Almighty God".

o This name is from the Hebrew name "El-Shaddai".

o It carries the idea of God being our "Nourisher; Strengthener; Satisfier."

o It identifies God as being the "All-sufficient One".

• Because God is "the Almighty God" He demands that His people walk before Him in "perfection".

o This is a command to walk in righteousness and holiness before Him.

B. A Revelation of His Promise (vv. 2-4)

• God simply reminds Abram of the promise He has made to him in the past.

o God will make of him a great nation and He will bless Abram.

• Notice with me, that God’s revelation and reminder cause Abram to fall at His feet in worship!

o It would due God’s people well, to see God’s blessings as a catalyst to worship and praise Him.

• Look at what v. 4 says, "As for me" this indicates that this covenant is one-sided.

o God will bless Abram because He wants to!

o In other words, the covenant is good because it depends on God alone!

o Thank God, our salvation is in God’s hands and not ours, Amen.

C. A Revelation of His Plan (v. 5)

• Here, Abram receives a name change.

o His name is changed from "Abram", which means "Exalted Father", to "Abraham" which means "Father of a Multitude".

o The reason for this lies in the fact that God has made Abraham the father of a numberless multitude.

 Of course, to Abraham it does not appear that this is the case.

 However from God’s perspective, it is a done deal!

o Notice the words here in verse 5, "I have made you."

 Even though Abraham couldn’t see it, God had already completed His plan through Abraham.

• Life is never like we think it is!

o All we can see are the obstacles and the trials that we face in life.

o However, God sees our present as well as the future that He has already accomplished.

o The essence of faith is merely walking in the present, knowing that the future rest in the hands of God.

o Whatever you may be facing this morning, God has already taking care of it for you.

o You merely have to be patient until you arrive at that time where His provision is manifested.

• No wonder Abraham worshiped the Lord!

o If we ever got a grip on all that God has done for us, we too would glorify Him in praise, adoration and worship!

II. GOD’S NEW REASSURANCE (vv. 6-8; 15-22)

A. Reassurance Concerning His Fruitfulness (v. 6)

• God promised Abraham Children, Crowds and Crowns.

o God promised him things that, at that moment in his life, he couldn’t even imagine!

• Sounds like a lot of us don’t it?

o Think of where He found you, what He has done in your life and where you are headed.

o Sounds too good to be true doesn’t it?

o The further I travel down this road, the sweeter His promises become to me!

o I am thankful that every single one is true!

o By the way, He will make your life fruitful for His glory if you will simply abide in Him.

B. Reassurance Concerning His Faithfulness (vv. 7-8)

• God promise is not only to bless Abraham, but his children and all the generations of Abraham as well.

o This is a covenant that is as good as the Name of God and that will endure as long as God endures.

• Thank God that we can count on His faithfulness!

o He will not renege on His promises.

o He will not fail us.

o We may fall short, but He never will!

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