Summary: A sermon to show how to protect our families in a hostile world.

Psalm 127:1-5 "The God Sense Home"

The story of "The Swiss Family Robinson" is about a family that is shipwrecked on an island. It’s a beautiful island and the family builds a really neat tree house to live in. As a child I can still remember thinking how much fun it would be to live in such a house. If you have seen the movie you know that all was not fun for the family. Eventually they are attacked by pirates and they must defend their island, their home and their family.

I think this story illustrates exactly what is happening to the American family today. In many ways the institution of marriage and family has been shipwrecked and stranded in the middle of great, hostile forces. More than that, there are pirates who want to rob and destroy the family. But just like the Robinsons we must defend and protect the family with all of our strength. The question is, how do we do that?

Psalm 127 is written to the family. Combined with 128, they teach us great lessons about the godly family. Today, as we look at this psalm, we find some answers. Psalm 127 shows us how we can best protect our families in a hostile world. Turn with me to Psalm 127.

I. You must live free of vanity (1,2).

A. In how you build

1. House=household

2. Lord must build-ie the "structure" of a family is God’s design-His plans must be followed

3. Builders-family members-esp. parents

4. God is architect, parents the contractors

5. Vain="anything unsubstantial, unreal, or worthless"

6. Three little pigs-only one house stood the attack of the big, bad wolf

B. In how you watch

1. Watch

a. Exercize great care over

b. Pay attention to obligations of covenant

c. Guard, take care of

d. Give heed to

e. Preserve

2. Relying on God’s care, protection-Ps 121

3. City=larger social context

4. Watchmen-looking for enemy, knowing who he is when you see him.

C. In how you rest

1. Up early-stay up late-"an artificial lengthening of the natural day" -Perowne

2. Toiling-what purpose does our work serve?

There was a little first grade girl who wondered why her father brough home a briefcase full of work every evening. Her mother explained, "Daddy has so much to do that he can’t finish it all at the office." "Well, then" she asked, "why don’t they put him in a slower group?" -Our Daily Bread, 9/8/89

-Ex 16:17-20

3. Sleep-a gift from God

D. Application

1. Pr 14:26

2. The key word here is "vain" -any plan but God’s leaves our families unprotected.

II. Live free from shame (3-5).

A. Know where your children came from

1. Heritage=permanent inheritance given by God and passed from generation to generation-children were both protected by parents and were their protection

2. Goal not just to have children but to have godly children-children an investment

3. Reward=orig pay for services, ie children are a blessing from God

4. No shame in having children-not a burden or curse

At the close of one of his evangelistic crusades, D.L. Moody was approached by an enthusiastic woman who insisted that God had called her to the preaching of the Gospel. Moody replied that he thought it was wonderful that she was able to discern God’s will. Then he asked her about her family at home. She replied that she had a husband and 11 children. Moody exclaimed, "Then thank the dear Lord, Madam, for He has not only called you to preach, but He has already given you a congregation." In other words, being a devoted and godly parent is not at all a small thing in God’s eyes.

B. Know where your children are going

1. Arrows-weapons, extensions sent out from us with direction, purpose and goal

2. Warrior-there is an enemy, a conflict, good guys and bad guys

3. Quiver full a blessing-more protection, more extension, more weapons, more influence

4. Not shamed-"to fall into disgrace through failure" ie they will be fully prepared to enter the world when they leave the home

5. Contend-from arrows to being warriors for the kingdom themselves

6. Enemies-emphasizes the fact that there is conflict and hostility in the world-pirates

C. Application

1. How are you preparing your family for the "gate"?

2. Do they spend more time in front of the TV learning its values than they do in front of you learning yours?

3. Do you know who their enemies are?

a. Drugs, immorality, etc

b. Apathy toward God

c. Inconsistency with God

d. Inability to relate God’s truth to daily life (wisdom).


Now may be the last hope for the family. The family is being attacked from more directions than we can even imagine. This little Psalm is not only a challenge and an exhortation, it is also a clarion call to arms. As Paul said, the weapons we fight with are not the weapons of this world. We need to stand against the forces of this world with prayer, commitment and unconditional love.

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