Summary: While Abraham was old he did not consider his own body now dead---Neither the deadness of Sarah’s womb.

This morning talk about---

Where does God want me to be

What does God want me to be

Where does God want me to be

God has a road he wants us to go down----

We’ve taken the wrong exit

Like men- afraid to ask directions

There are some pot holes- curves- construction

Phillipians 3:13-17

Paul’s celebrating the call on his life

Comparing his life before chirst and after

All those other things were nothing

The stuff that matters: family friends relationship with god and being used as a vessel

Paul celebrating that he had been fully restored

God didn’t hold anything he had ever done against him

That was who God wanted him to be



He was separated in his mother’s womb to be something

How do we do it?

Put the past and look forward to where God is and we will be

This morning I want you to put the past behind you

God wants you to be somewhere----

Can’t look forward if you’re looking back

Don’t listen to the world say who you are---I’m telling you- You’re God’s best

Put away ridicule, praise, ego titles, adoration of the world—

See where you need to be

This morning- I want to discuss our biggest obstacle

My generation and the generation before –

Problem with:

Blaming the situation around you, for where you are

You can’t keep people and things from hurting you

But you hurt yourself, when you dwell on them

Romans 4:18-21

What God promises- God performs- WHAT A DEAL!

We hear a promise and we think we have to perform

When god promise- relax and enjoy the ride

God doesn’t promise and preacher perform. Deacons, elders

If God promises he will perform

And if HE didn’t promise it, forget about it

When we get this—we’re gonna really love church

We’ll quit fighting- denominations will fall

God started- God promised it- God’ll do it

Do you know how much heartache ABE had to endure

TO UNDERSTAND- if God promises….

God promised a son……Abraham and Sarah performed

It caused Abraham years of greif- it will you too

Look at verse 19

Considered not his own body—now dead- Stop right there

The first thing we do is doubt ourselves

If you’re looking at you—missed the most important part

Why did God wait to fulfill abe’s promise- when he promise

Abe was still able—wanted to wait till he wasn’t


When abe looked at his body---- Not encouraging

100 years old----everything worn out- saggin’ droopin- spotted

Not enough viagra in Jerusalem

But abe had come to the point---- If GOD PROMISES…

Quit worrying about how you’re made- look @ who made you

Or the deadness of Sarah’s womb

If Abe had been a part of this GEN.

“God said I would be the father of this nation”..BUT SARA

Excuses for our unbelief, doubt, and lack of faith in God

I’m going to see the kingdom unite---why? God promised


Church I’ve got a call on my life- to preach freedom to the body

I want you here to be part of it--- but if your not

God still has called me to that- he will surround me w/help

How do I know? – God promised me

Situations around me can change- but my calling IS MY CALLING

Why am I saying that. Your calling is your calling

And the situations around you- don’t change that calling


Quit blaming the things around you-

God’s bigger than all of that----

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