Summary: Every person can know God be seeing His seven C’s

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The God We Know

Psalm 14

December 7, 2003 PM

Subject: God

Central Theme: How can we know God?

Objective: Every person can know God by seeing His seven Wonders.

Introduction: The fool says many foolish things; that is why he is a fool. The world at large believes in some form of a higher power or higher existence. What they do not agree upon is who or what is that higher power.

The Chinese look to Budah. The Japanese to their ancestors. The Muslims look to Alla and the Hindus to any one of their thousands of gods.

1 Corinthians 8:5 For though there be that are called gods, whether in heaven or in earth, (as there be gods many, and lords many,) 6 But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.

How can we know God? That is a good question. Lets first look at Psalm 14, then we can get back to the question.

I. God and the Foolish (1-5) [1]

A. The arrogance of fools (1): They say, “There is no God.”

1. More and more people today believe in God. The problems comes in defining who or what is that God.

2. What people have done is violated the 2nd commandment and created a God after their own image.

a) They have created a God to suit their own needs.

B. The actions of fools (1, 4)

1. They are corrupt and evil

a) When you think that you do not have to account for your actions or what you do, you will do almost anything.

b) people are basically evil.

2. They devour the righteous

a) The evil foolish people are intent to destroy any righteous person who reminds them of their sin and their foolishness.

b) If people could just get the masses to say that their sin is okay, they will be happy.

c) This is what the homosexuals are doing.

d) This is what MAMBLA is doing.

3. The do not pray to the LORD

a) A sure sign of a fool.

C. The abundance of fools (2-3): No on seeks God.

1. The fallen nature of humans is such that no one seeks after God.

2. God is seeking us. Some think that they find God. It is God who has found you first!

D. The anguish of fools (5): God’s judgment will someday overwhelm them.

1. Fools will give account of their foolishness on the Day of Judgment.

2. God’s justice is such that all sinners will be punished according to the Word of God.

[You have no doubt heard of the seven wonders of the world. These are things or events that man has created. Lets look at God’s seven wonders so that we can give glory to God and not to men.]

II. God’s Seven Wonders

A. God’s Wonderful Creation

1. Look up or down. Look in or out. What we see is all the creation of God.

2. The beauty that we see is from the master Creator Himself.

3. God makes all things beautiful.

4. This universe is a proof of the existence of God.

a) Every panting has a painter.

b) Every building has a builder.

c) Every universe has God as its author.

B. God’s Wonderful Creatures

1. Angels – Spiritual beings that live to do the will of God.

2. Humans – Special creatures having the breath of God and soul.

a) The object of God’s love.

b) The reason for creation.

c) Designed for His good pleasure.

3. Animals – Awesome creatures created for all kinds of purposes.

4. Plants – Such a fantastic assortment God has given us.

a) Jesus says that flowers are more beautiful than a king in all his royal apparel.

C. God’s Wonderful Christ

1. God loved the world so much that He gave His son.

2. Jesus was and is and is to come the object of God’s plan

3. He alone can save people from their sins.

D. God’s Wonderful Cannon

1. Hebrews says that in times past God spoke through prophets and priests.

2. Now God speaks to us through the Bible.

3. Some give more heed to experience than the Word of God. I say that is a dangerous thing.

4. The Bible is God’s means of telling us about sound doctrine. The study of His Bible should be a life long pursuit.

E. God’s Wonderful Coming

1. This is our blessed hope.

2. There is coming a day where it will not be business as usual.

3. A trumpet will sound, a shout will be heard and then from the clouds will appear the Son of God.

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