Summary: “The LORD lives! Praise be to my Rock! Exalted be God my Savior!”

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Pastor Allan Kircher

Shell Point Baptist Church

Oct 19th, 2013

Psalm 18:1-3

Intro: read/inscription/precedes/Psalm because it gives us some insight/background/verses.

• Inscription states/Psalm/originally/song/written/glorify/Lord

• honor Him/delivering David from King Saul

• From all his enemies.

• also be found in 2 Samuel 22

Psalm/written/all David’s foes lay vanquished/feet.

David/given absolute victory/wanted/express his gratitude to the Lord for His glorious provision.

You see, during the time David was running from Saul, he was in constant danger of death.

• He/delivered/all enemies/lifts his voice/praise/Lord God Who has given him the victory.

• This is David’s song of victory

• you and I have a victory song to sing as well.

• When God saved us, He gave us victory over our enemies

• 1 Cor. 15:57; 2 Cor. 4:17; Rom. 8:37.

Now, we who were hounded by Hell and in danger of dying without Jesus Christ have been eternally saved through His grace.

• Since/been saved/delivered/snare/enemy

• We also have ample reason to worship and praise the Lord.

• Isn’t enough time/consider/entire Psalm today.

• After all, it is the fourth largest in the Book of Psalms.

• Spend/few minutes/first three verses/preach/The God We Worship.

Spend our time/verses, let’s allow/Lord’s Word/remind us:

• Who He is/what He has done for us/what He can do for us.

• Remind us today why our God is The God We Worship.

“Worship”/Old English word means “worthship”.

“To ascribe worth to someone”.

• We worship God because He is worthy.

• Our worship ascribes worth to Him because of Who He is and What He does.

• Let me share a few reasons with you from these verses that teach is why our God is worthy of our worship.



• Very beginning/Psalmist/two great/profound declarations.

• He bears his heart/tells us what he/determined to do.

First, he declares his love for the Lord.

Second, he declares his absolute dependence upon the Lord.

He/indicating/will live his life/these two great themes ever before him.

• Telling us he finds his greatest delight in the Lord!

Let’s examine these two themes a little more closely and see what they mean for us tonight.

1. I will love the Lord.

• Translated "love" here is a word that means "to fondle."

• It carries the idea of hugging.

• If it doesn't sound too irreverent

• Psalmist is saying he is so filled with love for the Lord that he just wants to slide up real close to the Lord and hug him.


• We all felt this way about someone we love.

• How many have felt their heart fill up with love for a child

• a mate, or some other loved one

• You want to reach out and hug them and hold them?

This/emotion felt by Mary Magdalene when she encountered the risen Christ, John 20:17

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