Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: In the prayer of Hannah, we see the devotion of a godly mother, in the lives of Samuel and Samson, we see the response to a godly mother, and in the promise of God, we see the hope of a godly mother.

1. Devotion of a godly mother

a. A Godly mother recognizes the Lord’s salvation

b. A Godly mother recognizes the Lord’s standing

c. A Godly mother recognizes the Lord’s supremacy

d. A Godly mother recognizes the Lord’s sovereignty

e. A Godly mother recognizes the Lord’s supply

2. Response to a godly mother

a. Contrast between Samuel and Samson (Judges 13-16)

3. Hope of a godly mother

a. Proverbs 22:6

1 SAMUEL 2:1-11

One time a man was walking through the grocery store when he noticed a young mother shopping with her two year-old in the cart. As they went past the cookie aisle, the child looked up at her mommy and said, “cookie.” Well, when her mother told her no, the child began to cry. The mother patiently said, “Now, Mary, we’re half way done. It won’t be long.” The same thing happened in the candy aisle only this time the tantrum was worse. The mother was a picture of calm. She said, “There, there Mary, only two more aisles and then we’ll be done.” Finally they got to the checkout line. The child reached out to grab some gum. This time when her mother told her no, she screamed at the top of her lungs. Still using her best calm voice, the mother said, “We’ll be through this line in a few minutes and then it’ll be time for Mary to take a nice little nap.” The man was amazed at the young mother’s composure. He followed them out to the parking lot to compliment her. He said, “I couldn’t help noticing how patient you were with little Mary.” The mother looked surprised and then smiled. She said, “Thank you, but my little girl’s name is Jill. My name is Mary.” Motherhood is one of the only jobs in the world where talking to yourself is not only perfectly acceptable, it’s expected. The mother who prayed the prayer we’re looking at this morning was accused of talking to herself. As a matter of fact, she talked to herself even before her baby was conceived. You remember the story. Hannah longed for a son. So much so that she fasted and went to the tabernacle and prayed. Eli, the high priest at the time saw her there in the tabernacle. She was struggling so much in half-silent prayer that Eli mistakenly thought she was drunk and talking to herself. But even though mothers talk to themselves regularly, Hannah wasn’t. She was talking to God. She was asking Him for a son. Now, while she asked God for a son, she also promised to dedicate him to the Lord’s service. God heard her and answered her prayers. And she was faithful to fulfill her promise. While her son Samuel was just a boy, she took him to Eli to raise as a priest. Look back at verses 1:25-28:

1 SAMUEL 1:25-28

Hannah was a godly mother. As we celebrate Mother’s Day this morning, we’re going to look at three observations concerning godly mothers. The first observation concerns Hannah as an example of the devotion of a godly mother. Not as some sort of impossible ideal, but just as an example. In the prayer she offered when she dedicated her son to the Lord, we can see the devotion of a godly mother. Can you imagine giving up your child? The child you had longed for and prayed for and finally gotten? Imagine yourself in that situation. And then while your son was still a small child, giving him up. Yes, she gave him up for God’s service, but do you think that made it any easier? The only way Hannah was able to do that and fulfill her promise was that she showed the devotion of a godly woman. That is evident in the prayer she prayed. Her prayer shows five qualities of her devotion to God. First, she recognized the Lord’s salvation. Look at verse 1:

1 SAMUEL 1:1

The devotion of a Godly mother recognizes the Lord’s salvation. Let me tell you something ladies—you can do everything in the world for your children. You can provide for them. You can nurture them. You can feed them, dress them, bandage them, love them and care for them. You can do everything in the world for them, but if you don’t recognize the Lord’s salvation, you are failing them. If, as a mother, you don’t know Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, you are failing your children in the biggest way possible. Hannah recognized her Savior. She said her heart rejoiced in Him. You can’t rejoice in someone you don’t know. You can’t rejoice in someone you don’t have anything to do with. You can’t rejoice in someone you only want to talk to when you’re in trouble or you want something from. She rejoiced in her Lord’s company—in His fellowship—in His salvation. She trusted in Him for everything. When she said her horn is exalted in the Lord, horn was a symbol of strength and power. She recognized that her strength came from the Lord. He gave her the strength to endure and overcome the trials in her life. He was her salvation. And she recognized that. She also recognized the Lord’s standing. Look at verse 2:

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