Summary: The timing of ministry is just as important as the actual ministry itself. The term Golden hour is used my emergency workers to refer to the small window of opportunity they have to make a difference in saving someone’s life.

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"The Golden Hour"

"There are a small group of people around the world in civilized countries that serve the public day in and day out and perform their duties, sometimes uncompensated, without reservation to all injured and sick people!" These men and women of all ages, race, creed and color whose unselfish act of devotion has improved, without measure, the quality and effectiveness of prehospital care and human life. IM talking about paramedics and emt’s.

the reason that paramedics are so important is because What happens during the first hour after an injury makes the difference between life and death. This critical period is the GOLDEN HOUR and chances of survival increases dramatically if trained professionals stop the bleeding, treat the injury, and restore blood pressure.

The term "golden hour" was originally coined by Dr. R Adams Cowley of the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services, who is regarded as the pioneer of modern

trauma care. Dr. Cowley advocated that most trauma patients die of shock, which comes from sluggish or non-existent circulation and the resulting chemical changes in the body. He believed that most trauma patients could be saved if he could stop the bleeding and restore blood pressure within one hour. Patients who have experienced shock for more than one hour will likely die. Surgical intervention within that one hour, therefore, is critical for increasing the patient’s chance of survival. This hour, called "The Golden Hour," begins the moment the injury occurs.

so you see, Drs understand that not only is the practice of medicine important but the timing of that practice is critical to the survival of the patient. If the timing is not right then all the education all the training, all the medical knowledge in the world will not make a difference in that dying persons life.

paramedics and emts go through rigorous training, unbelievable stressful situations and are at work with no regard to time or season. since death takes no holidays neither can they. the kind of person that pursues that kind of career is the kind of person that wants to make a difference in the lives of other people.

this week while I was surfing the net for information on this study I came across a poem by an unknown author that talks about the heart of an emergency paramedic

Sorry if we woke you in the middle of the night

But someone in your neighborhood is fighting for his life.

Sorry if we block the road and make you turn around,

But there’s been a bad wreck with dying children on the ground.

When you see us coming we hope you’ll understand

Let us have the right-of-way -- somebody needs a hand

We don’t do it for the money -- you know we don’t get paid.

We Don’t do it for the glory but for a life that might be saved.

Somewhere deep within us our souls are crying out

"We’re here to help our neighbors in their hour of pain and doubt."

God gave us something special to help us see you through

We do it ’cause we love you, and we care about you too.

this poem is a beautiful ode to the obvious selflessness of a special group of health care professionals. these same exact words should apply to us as Christians and to the church of this generation.

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