6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Finding salvation from Genesis to Revelation

The Gospel According to Judges

“After the death of Joshua, the Israelites asked the LORD, “Who of us is to go up first to fight against the Canaanites? The LORD answered, “Judah shall go up; I have given the land into their hands.”

I’m someone who enjoys being in control. It’s one of my downfalls and character flaws. Being in control makes me feel like I have purpose and things depend upon me. As much as I try to be in control, I have learned over the years these two truths: First, I am not ever in control, no matter how hard I try and second, control is an illusion. I can try, plan, do my absolute best; but at the end of the day, I need to come to the realization that I am not, ever, in control.

The book of Judges opens up with the Nation of Israel standing without Joshua. Israel spend hundreds of years in Egypt, exiled and enslaved. Then, Moses came and led them out of Egypt. The followed Moses through the wilderness and learned to depend upon God. Moses would die and Israel was left with Joshua. Israel continued to follow him as he was led by God but he too died.

Israel does the right thing - they seek God. In my flesh, losing a leader is exactly where I would freak out. I’d find comfort in following Moses and then Joshua. There would be a sense of security. Their deaths would make me so uncomfortable. I would think we’ve come so far. What now? Where do we go? Israel followed these men, these leaders. What now?

The beautiful truth of the Gospel is that God is and always will be in control and his plan will always unfold. His question to us, will we follow him? Will we trust him?

Israel’s question to God is a legitimate one. There are still those who were a barrier to Israel. There were still those who would war against them. God’s answer shows that He is in control. Judah will go up (to face the Canaanites) I (God) have already given the land into their (Judah’s) hands.

Remember, Judah is the tribe from which our Savior comes. God’s plan in the gospel unfolds as Jesus is the one who is going before us and he is the one who is going to fight against an impossible foe (sin) and that victory has already been determined.

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