THE EFFICACY OF THE GOSPEL INSPIRES BOLDNESS IN PROCLAMATION (overcomes our feelings of reluctance and inadequacy)

1. Because the Gospel is the Power of God unto Salvation to Everyone Who Believes (both Jew and Gentile) (:16)

a. The Content of the Gospel Message = Good News (not mixed with any bad)

b. Its Extreme Power -- we have what people need; it works

c. Its Goal -- not just temporarily changing lives for the better, but saving a person's life forever

d. Its Inclusiveness and Exclusiveness

2. Because the Gospel Reveals the Righteousness of God that is Appropriated by Faith Alone (:17)

Answers the question: How can sinful man find favor with?

a. The Gospel comes to us by Divine Revelation = the source

b. The connection between Righteousness, Life, and Faith

1) God's righteousness

a) Comes to us from Godp; we won't find it within ourselves

b) Perfect righteousness (illustr. of surgeon rejecting a contaminated scalpel -- amount of contam. does not matter)

c) Greater than the Righteousness of the Pharisees (Matt. 5:20)

d) Exactly what we need

2) Spiritual Life

3) Genuine Faith (unmixed with anything else)

Don't wait to try to understand completely; take advantage and respond to what you know

c. This Connection is consistent with the OT teaching

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