Summary: We have some juicy good news to spread. Christ died on the cross and rose again and because of that the whole world can have eternal life through Him. That is so juicy of news that it should be flowing out of us everywhere we go. What a wonderful God w

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Title: The Gospel Is Juicy Good News”

Theme: The Gospel

Subject: Spreading the Gospel

Text: Phil. 2:19-24

Prop: Christians need to be enthusiastic about spreading God’s Word

INTRO: I was sitting in the kitchen with mom one fall afternoon, I would say it was around 5:00 or 5:30pm. She was working in the kitchen fixing supper when she looked in the refrigerator and found that she did have any eggs. She had gotten into what she was fixing and therefore had to find some eggs somewhere. We didn’t live in town; so going to town was out of the question. So she called the neighbor that lived behind us to ask if she could borrow some eggs. The neighbor said that she could, so, me being in the kitchen and all got the call to run to the neighbors to get the eggs.

Now let me tell you that I was around the age of 10 and carrying eggs was not something that I had done all too much. Anyway, you know how it gets dark early in the fall, like it has since we turned to clocks back. Well, it wasn’t completely dark yet and I was off to the neighbors to get the eggs.

We had around a five-acre pasture behind our house where we kept a few horses and a cow or two, so I had to cross the pasture to get to the neighbors house to get the eggs. Well I get to the neighbors house and when I got there we talked a little bit. In that little conversation one of their kids told me something that was really good. You know the kind of thing I mean, one of those really juicy things that you just can’t wait to tell someone. Well I couldn’t wait to get back home to tell my brother all about what I was told.

So I get the eggs and I take off running back home. Now the neighbor lady gave me a whole dozen eggs and now I’m running to get home so I could tell my brother all the new juicy information. I get to the fence and cross it like it wasn’t even there and I’m running back home across the field. Now if you go across that field from my neighbors, to my house, going across the pond bank is the fasted way there. So I’m running as fast as I can with the dozen eggs in my hand and as I’m going across the pond bank, all the sudden, in a split second in have no ground under my feet and I come to a very abrupt stop.

You see, dad just had the pond dug that summer and the pond bank was weak in one spot. When the pond got full earlier in the summer a spot in the pond bank broke and it left a little ravine. Now I knew about the little ravine, it had been there for a month or so, but it was dark and in my hurry to get home to tell my brother this juicy new news I had I forgot all about it. Now I was laying at the bottom of this little ravine in pain and hoping that I hadn’t broken all my mom eggs. I can’t see the eggs because of the dark or see even how I looked. So I get myself out of the little ravine in the pond bank and hurried as fast as I could back home. It’s a given that it was a little slower than before the pond bank, because now I was worried about what mom would say. And I was in some pain.

Well I get home, walked in the back door and mom knew immediately that there was a problem. You see I was covered with dirt and egg. I told her what happened and to both of our amazements there were still enough eggs to continue cooking supper.

Now when I went over to the neighbors I wasn’t in all that much of a hurry to get there. It was just getting dark and I had to cross a field that had a few horses and cows in it. If you ever walking in a field with cows and horses in it you know you have to watch your step or you might end up with stinky feet when you get back home. But when I was coming back I had some news that I just couldn’t wait to tell my brother and I didn’t worry about stepping in something and I forgot about the condition of the pond bank.

We get that way at times don’t we, when we have something really good to tell others. We tend to forget about things because we’re excited to tell the juicy new news we have just found out.

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