Summary: exposition on Matt ch8


Matthew 8 v. 23 - 34

1. The disciples deliverance from the storm v. 23 - 27 Note:-

(a) Their dedication v. 23 "His disciples followed Him" - there was cost involved v.22

(b) Their danger v. 24 note it was sudden "behold", severe, " a great tempest" an earthquake, and very serious - "we perish."

(c) Their dread v. 25 "Lord, save us, we perish"

The reason for their fear -( the storm),the reality of their fear "Lord, save us", the rationality of their fear "we perish", the result of their fear, see their discovery.

(d) They discovered:-

(1) Satanic power - the timing of it (at sea), target of it (disciples), terror of it.

Job 1 v. 19 when Job’s sons & daughters were eating and drinking, " behold there came a great wind from the wilderness and smote the four corners of the house."

(2) The Saviour’s power v. 27 "what manner of man is this", who can bring peace in the midst of the storm.

(3) The Sinner’s powerlessness v. 25 "Lord save us, we perish"

D.L. Moody said, "when a man really wants the Saviour, he does not need anyone to teach him how to pray"

2. The demoniac’s deliverance from their sin v. 28 - 32. Note:-

(a) The reality of Demon possession v. 28 "two possessed with devils."

These demons were:-

(1) evil

(2) intelligent Acts 16 v. 17 "these men are the servants of the most high God, which show unto us the way of salvation."

(3) powerful v. 28 two grown men in complete bondage

(4) disembodied spirits Revelation 16 v. 13 speaks of "spirits of devils".

(5) not angels nor human (can possess men and be dispossessed)

(6) individuals (Mary had 7 devils.)

(7) they have knowledge v. 29 (recognised Jesus)

(8) faith James 2 v. 19 (the devils believe there is one God and tremble.)

(9) feelings v. 29 "torment us"

(10) wills Matthew 12 v. 44 "I will return to my house"

(11) miraculous powers Revelation 16 v. 14 working miracles

(12) emotions Acts 8 v. 7 "crying with a loud voice".

(b) The rage of Demon provocation v. 28 "These demons were exceeding fierce".

As a result the men could not be:-

(1) trained

(2) chained - they had broken their fetters often

(3) restrained - they were crying and cutting themselves with stones - Mark 5

(c) The reach of Demon perception v. 29 "what have we to do with thee Jesus, thou son of God?" They knew

(1) who he was i.e. Jesus

(2) what he was "son of God"

(3) and why he was "art thou come to torment us", "he came to destroy the works of the devil" - their time was up.

(d) The result of Demon persuasion v. 31 "so the devils besought him .......suffer us to go into the herd of swine" and He said "go"

Mark ch 5 tells us about 6,000 demons - legion "we are many" and possibly 2,000 swine

3. The Saviour’s deliverance from their selfishness v. 33 & 34 -

v. 34 " they besought him that he would depart out of their coasts." Here was :-

(a) universal rejection "the whole city besought him"

(b) unlawful rejection i.e. over the loss of swine. Leviticus 11 v. 1 - 8 - swine were to be regarded as unclean

(c) unreasonable rejection v. 34 " and when they saw him" - minds already made up.

(d) unrepeated rejection ch 9 v. 1 "He entered into a ship and passed over" this was a golden opportunity to accept Christ, and was rejected.

Christ stands without our door and gently knocks

But if our gold or swine, the entrance blocks

He forces no man’s hold - He will depart

And leave us to the meanness of our heart.

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