Summary: The gospel is God-made and God-revealed, is a gospel of grace, and should not be added to with works-righteousness.

Galatians 1:11-2:16

Intro- no other gospel

1. God-made object (1:11,12)

• Truth about God can only be revealed not deduced or calculated

• Jesus is God’s self-revelation (Hebrews 1:1-3)

• Why should Paul want to reiterate this?

2. Gamekeeper turned fisher (1:13-24)

• Paul’s previous anti-Christian zeal is an evidence of the divine original of his conversion (13-15)

• Glorious But!- God’s calling is from the womb (cf. David, Jeremiah, John the Baptist & Ephesians 1)

• Revelation is internal, of the Spirit (cf. John 3)- nobody influenced Paul except Jesus Himself (cf. Acts 9)- a miraculous and ‘hermetic’ conversion as proof of apostleship

• The Gospel is historic not mythic- look at precise details of verse 18-21 (names, numbers, places)

• Paul’s startling volte-face is cause for rejoicing

• Is there anybody we know we think is ‘unturnable’?

3. Spies like us (2:1-5)

• The Devil will always seek to bring us back under the bondage (Galatians 4:9) Christ has redeemed us from (John 8:36).

• He will often do this through well meaning brothers, or through less benign sources (“false brothers”, v4).

• We must resist false teaching, even to the point of curtness- “not for a moment” (5).

• In what ways can we even now become enslaved to legalistic mindsets?

4. Each to his own or to the others (2:6-10)

• God can use anybody, ranging from Paul to the boy with the loaves and two fishes (6,7).

• One brotherhood, different callings (7-9).

• Social gospel: material needs are important (10; cf James 2:15,16).

• Why is social gospel so important?

5. Clash of the Titans, Grace versus Law (2:11-16)

• Not first time poor old Peter has been rebuked for his stance (“Get behind me, Satan!”).

• Fear of men affects even the bravest (again, compare the servant girl in the courtyard).

• Hypocrisy is infectious (13).

• Sometimes open rebuke is most appropriate (14); sometimes a private word is better (2:2). How do we discern which situation requires which tack?

• Faith is universally accessible; law-keeping only available to Jews, and even they couldn’t manage it!

• Thank God for the wonderful equality that is in His grace, that His grace shows no favouritism.

Conclusion- Gospel, no more, no less

1. From God

2. Can turn anyone 180 degrees

3. Beware the fifth column

4. Different mission fields

5. Grace to all

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