Summary: The gospel message ofJesus Christ is the essence of teaching by those of the early Church. The question is, How do we respond to that Gospel message? The Church at Colossae received it, sent it out, and found it to be the Power of God.


Colossians 1:3-14

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1.) I have decided to continue with where i had left off last week and to preach a series of messages from the book of Colossians.

2.) This morning as I continue in this series, I would like to speak more on the Gospel of Christ and the church at Colossae.


1.) Last week we looked at Paul’s thanksgiving for the church at Colossae.

A.) We said that Paul was thankful for their:

aa.) Faith in Christ.

ab.)Love for each other.

ac.) Hope for the future because of Jesus Christ.


In as much as the Gospel had come to Colossae it did note merely stay there. This church was taking the message of the Gospel out into the world.

1.) This has always been the will of God.

A.) From the beginning of time, God’s will was that the message of salvation through Jesus Christ would go to the entire world.

aa.) When God first spoke to Abraham he also told him that all peoples of the earth would be blessed through him.

aaa.) Genesis 12:1-3

.01) In reality the blessing of the world would not be directly through Abraham, but through one of his descendants Jesus, the Christ.

aab.) This was a concept which the Jewish people could not comprehend.

.01) In Jesus’ day, the Jews had mistakenly come to the place of missing out on seeing Jesus as the Christ.

.02) They had come to believe that God owed them salvation because they could trace their family tree back to Abraham.

.021) On one occasion, as John the Baptist was preaching he even addressed this false teaching they had come to embrace.

.0211) Luke 3:8

aac.) After the time of John the Baptist, Jesus would also come preaching to the people.

.01) Both of these men would tell the people of Jesus Christ.

.02.) Jesus would further elaborate on the message that John preached, showing it God’s plan and will for Jesus to be crucified, buried, and on the third day raised again to life.

B.) Before Jesus left this world he gave what we have come to call the Great Commission.

ba.) In a nutshell, the message of the Great Commission is that the message of the death, burial, and resurrection of Christ was to go into all the world.

bb.) Matthew 28:18-20

bc.) This Church was completely faithful to Christ in this regard.

C.) There has always been power in this message of the death, the burial, and the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

ca.) The Spirit of God rests in and works powerfully through God’s Word, and the message of the Gospel of Christ.

D.) Even before man came into this world, God knew that eventually man would sin and rebel against God.

da.) Even at that point and with such knowledge of the future of man, God loved the one part of creation that had been made in the very image of God Himself.

db.) Before there was sin, or evil God made the decision to reach from heaven to the earth, to offer His own sinless Son for the good of


dba.) God’s own Son would become the sacrifice of atonement so that man could once more, and for all of eternity have fellowship with


.01) The practical implication of that is that:

2.) Wherever the Gospel goes, it bears fruit.

A.) We like to take the credit for the success of the gospel message.

aa.) Sometimes for the preacher it can be a matter of pride when a person comes to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

B.) The reality is that it is not in the power of man, but by the power of the Spirit of God in the gospel of Jesus Christ that fruit is produced for the Kingdom of God.

ba.) Man is only the messenger.

baa.) The Church at Colossae had heard the message of the gospel through Epaphras.

.01) I do not know a great deal of this man Epaphras.

.011) What I do know is that He was an active agent in the early church to advance the Gospel of Christ.

bab.) The Apostle Paul spoke to the church of this man as:

.01) A dear fellow servant.

.02) A faithful minister of Christ.

bac.) It is true that Epaphras was a valuable servant of Jesus Christ, faithful to his calling before God.

bad.) It is also true that Epaphras was the man who proclaimed the message of salvation to these people.

.01 Yet as valuable as the service of this man was, He was but the messenger used of God.

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