Summary: The grace of God is foundational to a biblical psychology. TThe grace of God tells us how God relates to us. God's grace to us is the person of Jesus Christ. God's grace brought about the first and second creation.

6. The Grace of God

“Of His fullness we have all received even grace for grace” (Joh 1:16).

The presence of Jesus is God’s grace to humanity. The manifestation of this grace begins with the creation story. When God spoke and the physical creation can into being, it was the first physical manifestation of God’s grace. God’s grace is the sharing of Himself with His creation.

When the Lord God spoke to Noah about the destruction of the ancient world the Bible states that Noah found grace in the eyes of God. Here the concept of grace leans toward the idea of favor. When the Lord God was working with Moses, Moses reminded God that the Lord God had promise to send someone with him. The Lord’s reply to Moses was that His presence would go with Moses (Exo 33:2, 12-23). The spiritual application of this teaching is found in the New Testament message that declares that the living resurrected Jesus lives in us. We cannot see Him. Yet, as with Moses “God makes all His goodness pass before us” (Exo 3:19).

The Old Testament concept of grace becomes the foundation of the incarnate word in whom the fullness of grace dwelt. We have all received of that grace (Joh 1:17). The grace of God in Jesus Christ working in our lives becomes the foundation of the Christian life. The Christian has to develop an understanding of the relationship with God through Christ Jesus that it is no longer establish on the basis of the law, but upon the grace that is in Christ Jesus.

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How does this apply to the Christian? The grace of God stands behind all creation in heaven and earth. God has revealed Himself to His creation because of His love. The fullest expression or manifestation of His love to us is the historical Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the presence of God, therefore, the living resurrected Jesus Christ in our lives is the grace of God. We exist because of God’s love, joy, peace, patience, mercy, kindness, faithfulness, humbleness, and control. God’s grace consists of all these.

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