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Summary: Taking a look at God’s grace for us will reveal 3 aspects of His working grace in our lives.


The grace of Jesus is amazing

1 Timothy 1:12-20


God’s grace is amazing ! It is G.R.A.C.E. (God’s riches at Christ’s expense)

1 Timothy 1:12-20

Today we are looking at the heart of the Apostle Paul concerning the grace of Jesus Christ not only for his life but also for the rest of us.

He pours out to the reader his ability to put feelings into words.

Paul and Timothy have a special relationship, he begins the chapter by warning Timothy of the struggle against false teachers. Beginning in our text this morning, he moves to telling Timothy and us about the wonderful mercy and grace of Jesus Christ.

John Newton wrote “Amazing Grace” and you have to understand the circumstances to understand the powerful words of the song. To understand John Newton’s Amazing change, you have to understand where he came from. John Newton was a captain on a slave ship. They would go to Africa and bring back slaves. When the ship was in rough waters, rather than throwing cargo over, they would chain slaves together and throw them over.

You say I could never do that I could never be a Hitler, Hussein, Ben Laden, but don’t you see, Newton thought God’s grace was so amazing because it saved a wretch like him.

The grace of God is amazing to save a wretch like me.

That at the hour of belief, God miraculously poured out mercy and grace.

Through many dangers, toils, and snares that the grace of God will lead him home.

I look at this verse and immediately see three phases to God’s grace.

1. Seeking

2. Saving

3. Service.

I. Seeking

Seeking is the fact that as Nazarene’s we believe in Prevenient Grace.

We don’t believe in greasy grace:

Do what you want to do and you’ll make heaven.

We don’t believe that you can live like the devil, and God will turn his face against what you are doing.

The grace of God that “reaches out to you before you are even aware of God’s presence” is prevenient grace.

Most of the time, you are not looking for God and He shows up.

People say that they have found Jesus. I believe that statement should be that Jesus reached out to you and you responded to God’s love.

He continually reaches out to us to pull us into a loving relationship with Him.

God knew what Paul was before Christ. He was a sinner saved by grace.

He was saved because he responded to God’s call.

God is all powerful, and a lot of the times we are focused on that alone. I want you to also see that he is all faithful, and all loving .

He is more than able and willing to save the worst of the worst.

In face in v15- Paul says- Here is a trustworthy saying “Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners”.

Everyone of us ought to say Amen And about Him saving us “Thank you Jesus”.

It doesn’t matter how bad you were, the grace and mercy of God wants to reach out to you.

Christ Jesus came to save sinners, that is you and that is me.

Apostle Paul says that- “of whom I am the worst”. Apostle Paul persecuted and tried to destroy the people that followed Jesus. Everyone that was of the way, he tried to take out and destroy.

Apostle Paul after his Damascus Road experience, which happened as he was going to imprison those who followed Jesus, found a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. God reached out to him unexpectedly. God made Himself real to him. God made the first move in the relationship. God changed his thoughts and actions.

It was life changing

He will never be the same

His values and priorities were changed by his encounter with God.

God showed up, the grace of God reached out to him and he responded.

His life was never the same. At that moment, the moment the Spirit of God began tugging on his heart, and He said Yes. He went from the prevenient grace of God reaching out for him and drawing him toward God and a relationship and seeking him to the 2nd aspect of grace.

II. Saving Grace of God

The saving power of God does what we cannot do in ourselves.

If God chose not to be found none of us would find him. He reaches to us, we respond and he lovingly pulls us toward Him.

It is how Paul went from ignorance and unbelief to the courage and strength in

Romans 1:16

I am not ashamed of the Gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.

So for all those that believe that God cannot love and save them because of what they have done- Paul says that you are not the worst, I am.

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