Summary: A sermon on what it actually is meant when we are told to trust God.

The Great Trust Failure

Psalm 4:1-5

By Brother David Rogers Bethlehem Baptist Church

Who do we trust in our lives? Do you trust your Spouse, your boss, your family members, your best friend? How do we judge someone or something to trust it? Do we judge it by it never failing us, by it always being there when we need it or do we have lesser qualifications for trust? Today we place our trust in many different things. We place our trust in the government to protect us, to take care of us in our old age or in a time of need, to watch out for us. We place trust in the Medical profession to take care of medical problems. We trust what they say. We place our trust in the Media to report the truth, to tell us the real story. But many of us never place our full trust in Jesus Christ.

People come and they hear a sermon. And that Sermon may prick their heart but they leave the church the same as when they came in. No change has taken place because they never placed their trust in the word of God. They would rather believe the media or government than believe God’s word. This week I had a young lady at school ask me and some other students how we new about what heaven and eternity would be like. When we told her because the Bible told us that was how it was. She just could not understand ho we could believe all that stuff. Now this young lady professed to be a born again Christian. She said that she placed her faith in Christ for her salvation but yet she was unable to trust God’s Holy Word completely. She failed to understand the truth because she could not feel or see something. This is where many are today. They claim to know Jesus but they sure don’t live like they do. They don’t have that passion for the Lord like someone who understood what their savior had done for them. We let too many things get into our lives that we forget to trust God to supply those things that we need.

People trust that their dogs want bite them but we can’t trust God to take care of us, to support us, or to answer our prayers. The reason why is because we don’t know what God means when He says trust me. We don’t know what the word means. This morning I want us to examine what the Bible says about trust. Turn with me as we read Psalm 4:1-5

Ps 4:1 Answer me when I call, O God of my righteousness; Thou hast set me at large [when I was] in distress: Have mercy upon me, and hear my prayer.

Ps 4:2 O ye sons of men, how long shall my glory be turned into dishonor? [How long] will ye love vanity, and seek after falsehood? Selah

Ps 4:3 But know that Jehovah hath set apart for himself him that is godly: Jehovah will hear when I call unto him.

Ps 4:4 Stand in awe, and sin not: Commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still. Selah

Ps 4:5 Offer the sacrifices of righteousness, And put your trust in Jehovah.


I. We trust God because He had mercy on us.

David understood this concept. God’s mercy was David’s saving grace. Because of God’s mercy David was saved from destruction several times throughout his life and because of God’s mercy David was saved. He understood that without God’s mercy there would be no grace, that God would judge and then there would be hell. But because He had mercy on us He sent His only begotten son Jesus Christ to pay our sin debt. He sent Jesus to die on the cross to pay a debt that we could never ever pay. He had so much mercy for us that He though of a way that our debt could be paid so that it could be wiped out. This is why we should trust Him.

Yet many today shame Him because they long for things of vanity. They seek after the world instead of trusting Him. They seek worldly answers instead of God’s answer for life. They chase after the pleasures of the world instead of chasing after the pleasures of eternity. Today trust the Lord Jesus Christ because of His mercy, give up your worldly life and starting today live you life for eternity. Because we are not a part of this world, we need to understand that we are just passing through.

II. We trust God because we are set apart from the rest of the world.

God has set each one of us apart. We are separated from the rest of the world. In fact we stick out like a sore thumb. That is what God wants of us. He wants us to stick out to stand above everyone else. He wants people to be able to see us. To be the outsider, the third wheel, those odd -ball take trust. We must trust Him to keep us and provide for our needs. This is the only way we can remain separate. If we don’t trust to do what He said He would do we will blend back into the world. Allowing the world to take over our lives. We will no be separate, we will no longer look different, we will look like ever body else. How about you? Do you stand out from the crowd? Or when you go back to work Monday morning can’t they tell that you are different. If you set there and say I look like every body else I am not different from the rest of the world I don’t stand out. This morning you can be separated. The Lord will hear when you call Him. Call Him now and ask Him to separate you from the crowd.

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