Summary: The last conflict in this world is described in the Bible as one who troddens in a winepress.

The Great Winepress

Revelations 14:14-20

In this world there have been many battles fought and perhaps still more to take place in the future. The Bible makes it very clear that the last battle fought will be fought in the place called Armageddon in the Hebrew tongue.

See: Rev. 16:16

And: Rev. 19:11-16

Here in Revelation chapter 14 verses 14-20 describes the devastation of this conflict as the trodden of a winepress.

The continual development of things on this earth is in preparation of the return of Jesus the Christ.

See: Psalms 110:1 Sit thou at My right hand until I make thy enemies thy footstool

See: 1 Cor. 15:20-25 Then cometh the end when he shall have delivered up the kingdom to God…

See: Revelation 14:14 The second coming of Jesus the Christ is described in this verse

1. The Return of Jesus the Christ

See: Rev. 1:7 Behold He cometh with clouds

Mention: Rev. 19:11 He will come on a white horse (riding on a white horse is a sign of victory)

Also: Zechariah 9:9, Matt. 21:1-5 He last rode on ass, and a colt the foal of an ass

Point: At His first coming He came to sow seed in which we know as the Word of God seeking a bride, the pearl of great price but when He returns He will judge the nations.

He will be bearing:

• Golden Crown (This speaks of His deity) ref. Rev. 6:2 The antichrist was given a crown

• Sharp Sickle (The word in the Greek is a gathering hook to harvest with)

2. Ripening of the Earth

See: Rev. 14:15-18 The earth is ripe…for her grapes are fully ripe

See: Matt. 13:24-30, 36-43 We see here the harvest of the end of the world

Something said here has always been very interesting to me and that is the time will come when you can tell the tare from the wheat.

Mention: 2 Tim. 4:19 The Lord knoweth them that are His

See: Mark 4:29 The harvest is come

3. The Reaping of the Harvest

a. The Place

Mention: Rev. 16:16 Armageddon

See: Zechariah 12:8-11 The valley of Megiddon

Mention: Judges 4 The battle fought by Barak against Sisera and his great army was in the Valley of Jezreel from Mount Tabor.

See: Joel 3:1-2, 9-12 The valley of decision (here they have already decided to fight against the LORD).

This will be orchestrated by Satan, Antichrist, and the False Prophet

Mention: Daniel 8:25 He stands against the Prince of princes

See: Revelations 16:13-14 The influence of Satan

b. The Outcome

See: Rev. 14:19-20 The angel thrust His sickle into the earth…

This angel is none other than the Lord Himself as He will fight alone

See: Isaiah 63:1-4 I have trodden the winepress alone

Rev. 14:20 tell us that blood out of the winepress will be by the space of 1,600 furlongs which is equivalent to about 181 miles even unto a horse bridle.

There will be a great slaughter of those who opposes Jesus the Christ in that day.

See: Matt. 24:36-44, 51 Will you be caught not ready when Jesus comes as a thief in the night?

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