Summary: A sermon that deals with the greatest gift man has ever been given.


What is the best gift you have ever received? What is the best gift you have ever given? What made the gift special? cost, where it came from, who gave or received it? During this time we think about giving gifts and especially receiving gifts, the greatest gift ever given was on the 1st Christmas. Let us look at the gift.

1. The giver-God.

A. Why did He give it? LOVE

B. Who did He give it to? the world

C. What was His motivate? He gave

2. The gift-Jesus

A. What type of gift was He? the only one

B. What was special about the gift? His son

C. Who was the gift addressed to? whosoever

3. The guarantee-shall not perish

A. What are the conditions of the guarantee? believe

B. What is the guarantee? shall not perish

C. How long is the warranty? everlasting (life)

4. Thank God.

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