Summary: This is just some Biblical examples in which the hand of the Lord was upon His people, and the hand of the Lord that came upon their enemies.

Hand Of The Lord

Acts:11:19- 21

The hand of the Lord was with them

Every time you see the phrase the hand of the Lord, it will be a reference of 1 of 2 ways

1) Power & presence of God expressed in Judgement

2) Power & presence of God expressed in blessing

You will not see the Hand of the Lord coming on God’s people in judgement, but judgement comes upon the adversary.

Great persecution came upon the church, to the point that people scattered. V19

The church was at an infant stage.

The hand of the Lord in Acts brought persecution to the adversary

A great number believed and came to the Lord

Getting more people saved.

When the church comes under persecution, people will come to the Lord.

Satan’s population decreased, God’s population increased.

Acts 13: 8- 11

Bar-Jesus was a false prophet, a fraud, deceived people.

The hand of the Lord came upon Bar-Jesus in judgement, he was stopped

Display of God’s power in judgement

What was the blessing? The enemy was silent..

Every time the hand of the Lord is in manifestation, someone get’s judged, someone get’s blessed

Their letting satan off to lightly, they are not making him pay for what he has caused or done.

Exodus 3:20

God is going to be bring deliverance. Going to stretch out His hand and smite Egypt

judgement and blessing

Judgement is for the adversary, Blessing is for God’s people

Pharaoh is a type of satan

When the hand of the Lord coming across as blessing, His hand is not just blessing, but favor

400 years of bondage.

God says I will not only bring you out of Egypt, we will not leave empty handed.

Generation after generation of bondage, some people would have just been satisfied with getting out of bondage, but what we need to do is to have the enemy pay for what He did.

Israel stripped Egypt of all it’s riches.

They have never known abundance 1 day in their life, not even their need was being met.

The hand of the Lord. I will bring judgement on Egypt, and blessing upon God’s people

Don’t just be happy that you are out of your mess, but you better make the devil pay

that’s where we have missed it, we are just happy about us getting out. We got to make him pay

Exodus 6: 6

Ex 13:9

Brought them out by the hand of the Lord

It is by the hand of the Lord.

Ex 13:14

When we get out of bondage, we should be saying it was by the hand of the Lord that got us out

Ex 15:6

When the hand of the Lord is against the enemy, the enemy will stumble

Joshua 4: 23 & 24

The reason He is doing it because He wants everyone to know about the Hand of the Lord.

1 Sam 7:13

1 Sam 5:1-11

Psalm 78: 41 & 42

Remembered not His hand. (Power)

Isaiah 45: 11

Don’t think you can tell God what to do and just go out and command God

All of this boils down to trust. God is not your puppet. But when you get a grasp of true spiritual authority, and God can trust you that your not going to be talking about some crazy stuff, God will allow you to command Him to do the work for the Kingdom

Command means: to commission, appoint, assign, give me an assignment to stretch out my hand on the enemy. Don’t just be happy about deliverance, but give God the opportunity to judge the enemy.

Acts 4: 27

Great signs & wonders were done, great power came, judgment came upon the enemy, and blessing with signs and wonders came to the church. Not only that but the church was not stopped in it’s early stages, because the hand of the Lord came upon the enemy.

Isaiah 66:6

Render- to pronounce a verdict

Don’t just ask for deliverance, but give God the assignment to judge the enemy for what he has caused.

Vengeance is mine says the Lord, why? Because He knows who to strike.

We want to strike people, God wants to get to the root of the problem.

Recompense- means payback, God never recompenses less than 2 fold, but the ultimate is 7 fold


Job- Got twice what was lost.

Proverbs 6: 7 fold Don’t let him off easy

It is restoration time in the body of Christ.

It is time to collect for all of the damages the devil has done.

It’s time for him to pay

Are we going to just sit here and take all the stuff he has tried to disrupt, but are we going demand payback

We are not praying for the hand of the Lord to come on people, it’s not that people are evil, it’s who it is on the inside of them that makes them who they are.

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