6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: This Character study deals with Mary the mother of Christ, and looks at her unique acceptance of the favor God had placed on her


The Virgin Mary

INTRODUCTION: the subject of Mary – the mother of the Lord has been a controversial topic for quite a long time. One side of the argument seeks to elevate her position to one almost, if not in reality, equal with the trinity. The other side of the argument seeks to ignore her completely

What ought to be important is not what we argue, but what does the Scripture say concerning Mary ………


A The end of the old and the beginning of the new

1 The events of the new testament are some 400 years after the events of the Old Testament cease

2 These are aptly called “The Silent Years”

B Need to understand God’s timing

Galatians 4:4 But when the time had fully come, God sent his Son, born of a woman, born under law,

1 The Appearance of Gabriel to Zacharias – 1:17

a Calling attention to the birth of the Messiah – Jesus

b Zacharias’ lack of faith

1) Did not believe the word of Gabriel

2) Loss of speech

3) Would continue until the birth of John the Baptist

2 The Appearance of Gabriel to Mary

a 6 months after he had appeared in the temple


A Mary is a contrast in faith

1 Mary is faithful

2 Zacharias was not faithful

B Mary’s standing in her community – a virgin

1 14 years of age or younger

2 Someone who had not had sexual relations

3 No social status in her community

C Mary’s standing before God

1 Through the conversation of Gabriel

a Greetings/Hail

b Highly favored

1) Noah – Gen 6:8

2) Lot – Gen 19:16,18

3) Moses – Exodus 33:13

c The Lord is with you

D God’s Favor on Mary

1 Mother of the Messiah

2 Mary accepts the responsibility

a Posses a question – how can this happen, I am a virgin

3 God declares His ability

a Look at Elizabeth

b Look at Sarah – “nothing is impossible for God”

c Mary exercises more faith than the matriarch of the Jews!


A A journey of 3 to five days

B Elizabeth’s confirmation to Mary

1 Before Mary had an opportunity to tell her anything

2 Activity of her baby

3 Her filling with the Spirit of God

4 Her title for Mary

a “mother of the Lord”

1) Mary was the instrument to provide the human nature for Christ

2) Mary had no part in the “divinity” of Christ. Jesus was ALWAYS divine!

C Mary’s Response in Song – Luke 1:46-55

1 Praises God for His special favor on her -- 46-50

2 Sees herself as a faithful remnant

a Calls God – my Savior

b Spoke of His faithfulness – 48

c Spoke of His power – 49

d Spoke of His holiness – 49

e Spoke of His mercy – 50

3 Praise God for his special favor on Israel – 51-55

a God’s mercy to Abraham would be extended to the entire nation through the birth of Christ

What can we learn from Mary? – Taken from “Luke: The Gospel to the Gentiles” by Bob Deffinbaugh

§ Mary is a model disciple in her faith in the word of God, and in her submission to the will of God.

§ Mary is a model disciple in the depth of her familiarity with the word of God.

§ Mary is a model disciple in her grasp of the grace of God, and in her gratitude toward God for bestowing grace on her.

§ Mary is a model disciple in grasp of the social implications of the gospel.

§ Mary is a model disciple in her grasp of the purposes and promises of God.

§ Mary is a model disciple in her evident reflection and meditation on the things of God.

§ Mary is a model disciple in that her praise was not only a personal expression of worship, but also was edifying to Elizabeth.

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