Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Daniel unfolds God’s judgment of the wicked king

Daniel Chapter 5-‘The Handwriting on the Wall’

I. Preparation for the Handwriting (v.1-4)

A. Feast of Belshazzar (v.1)

B. Folly of Belshazzar (v.2-4)

II. Presence & Power of the Handwriting (v.5-9)

A. Prominence of the Handwriting (v.5)

B. Physical Effect on the King (v.6,7a,9)

C. Pronouncement of the King (v.7b)

D. Powerless Wise Men (v.8)

III. Presentation of Daniel by the Queen Mother (v.10-12)

A. Emergency Call to the Queen Mother (v.10)

B. Queen’s Recommendation of Daniel [His Gifts of the Holy Spirit] (v.11,12)

a. He is a man in whom is The Spirit of The Holy God

b. Light, Understanding & Wisdom was found in him

c. He is the Master of the Magicians, Astrologers, Chaldeans & Soothsayers

d. He has an excellent Spirit, and Knowledge and Understanding

e. He is able to Interpret Dreams, Show Hard Sentences, and Dissolve Doubts

f. He is able to show the Interpretation of the Handwriting on the Wall

IV. Entrance of Daniel & The King’s Comments (v.13-16)

A. The King Questions Daniel’s Authenticity (v.13)

B. The King Acknowledges Daniel’s Abilities (v.14)

C. The King Admits the Failure of His Wise Men (v.15)

D. The King Offers Reward/Fee for Interpretation (v.16)

V. Daniel’s Refusal, Reminder & Rebuke of the King (v.17-24)

A. Daniel Refuses the Reward/Fee (v.17)

B. Daniel Reminds of God’s Miraculous Working (V.18-21)

C. Daniel Rebukes the King (v.22-24)

VI. The Handwriting on the Wall & Interpretation (v.25-29)

A. MENE, MENE: Numbered, Numbered-‘God hath numbered thy kingdom and finished it’

B. TEKEL: Weighed-‘Thou art weighed in the balances and found wanting’

C. UPHARSIN: Divided-‘Thy kingdom is divided and given to the Medes and Persians’

VII. The Immediate Fulfillment of the Handwriting on the Wall/God’s Judgment (v.30, 31)

A. Fall of Babylon (v.30)

B. Taking of the Kingdom (v.31)

VIII. Application: The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

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