Summary: Spiritual Pornography

I do not, I cannot compromise on the issue of Harry Potter. And I am genuinely stunned at the extent to which most Christians do. I know many godly, wonderful Christians who are Christ-like in nearly every way in their lives - but mention Harry Potter, and you can see the stronghold. And it is a stronghold in the church. It is Achan’s idol hiding in our tent, and we have got to confront it.

Who is Harry Potter?

Harry is an orphan. The evil wizard, Lord Voldemort killed Harry’ parents who were a witch and a wizard. Lord Voldemort repeatedly fails at attempts to kill baby Harry, which leaves little Harry with a lightening bolt scar on his forehead. Lord Voldemort loses some of his power in the process, making Harry legendary in the world of the occult.

Some “good wizard forces” leave Harry on the London doorstep of his Aunt and Uncle who are Muggles (People who are oblivious to witches and wizards). For the next ten years Harry is treated horribly by his uncaring relatives which earns the reader’s sympathy.

He is lonely and friendless, picked on and made fun of. Then one day, he receives an invitation to attend Hogwarts, the most famous boarding school for witchcraft and wizardry. Harry learns how to use his power and battles Lord Voldemort and seeks revenge upon his mean relatives.

The Harry Potter stories make it sound like magic is just fun. You can fly on broomsticks, make objects come to you, get revenge on bullies and a whole lot more. And face it, that all sounds really fun and exciting. What kid hasn’t dreamed of flying or making a teacher you don’t like blow up like a balloon?

Evil forces exist, and magic is one of their best ways to trap you, especially by calling it “good magic.” Magic is not good, no matter how they make it look, because BEHIND the magic are dark forces. ALWAYS. If you have touched any of these things, know that Jesus wants you to belong to HIM and give you REAL purpose and power. And HIS is the only REAL power for good there is.

Call him Lord Voldemort or whoever you want, but the reality is the real Dark lord is satan. And he is real. Don’t fall into his trap through the seeming innocent stories of Harry Potter.

The “Real” Lessons Taught By Harry Potter

1. Harry Potter’s main focus is to de-sensitize readers to the occult.

It’s cleverly packaged, but its introduction to the occult is a perfect way to introduce tolerance and acceptance of what God calls an abomination. Everyone in marketing knows that if you can get them when they’re young, they will be yours for life.

2. Adults in Harry Potter’s world are depicted as hateful and strict.

Although the main characters in Harry Potter’s world are unfair where he’s concerned, there is a prevailing theme of the entire adult world being bad, while the wizards and other creatures in the School of Witchcraft are good.

3. There’s an intolerance towards those who don’t believe in witchcraft.

In the Harry Potter series, anyone who doesn’t accept or understand the warlock, Harry or the witchcraft society to which he belongs is a "Muggle." The Muggles are the ones who are wrong. Even more disturbing is an incident where Harry is forever connected to the extremely evil Voldemort by the lightning bolt mark left in the middle of Harry’s forehead.

4. Harry Potter is increasing the numbers of the Wiccan group.

In England, the Pagan Federation has been barraged by inquiries about Wicca, mostly from teenage girls that the group has appointed a youth officer whose primary responsibility will be to respond to Harry Potter fans who want to know how to be become witches. With shows like Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the youth of today are seeking out more information to satisfy their curiosity about the occult. Sadly, many are turning to witchcraft in hopes of better controlling their lives and futures.

5. Harry Potter teaches children to be rebellious.

There are absolutely no good role models anywhere in these books. Children (even the good characters) lie, call names, hate, steal and break rules in general. The Bible says rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft. (I Samuel 15:23; 2 Timothy 3:1)

6. Harry Potter teaches children to be crude.

In a world where manners are sometimes hard to find, it should not be the goal to introduce children to even more bad habits, rude responses, etc. In the book there are references made to vomit flavored treats and other crude references to body substances. This new philosophy in entertainment laces movies and literature with crude humor that worldly children will respond to, while also inserting so-called “adult” humor. This guarantees a larger market for what is being sold.

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David Morison

commented on Nov 19, 2006

You are misdirected.

Joanne Hillman

commented on Feb 5, 2016

I believe Dr. Nelson is correct in his assessment of this series of "kids' books." They glorify rebellion and witchcraft and denigrate parental authority. I am glad someone has the courage to say, "This is wrong!"

Reyyn Yoder

commented on Dec 21, 2018

What about the Lord of the rings it was written by a Christan for chirstians and I would say Lord of the rings is far darker than Harry Potter yes Harry Potter has more magic but Lord of the rings actually has demons and zombies and hell creatures. Yet Christian's never say anything and Lord of the rings. Why? Because it was written by a Christian. Then there's StarWars a magical "force" that let's people do thing with there mind while a evil overlord rules the Galaxy killing people with out 2nd thought, again I ask why don't we ever give that any thought your claim is that Harry Potter is the worst out there going against everything the Bible has ever said but don't forget about the way a mother gave her life for a son how her son went on to save the world by giving his life. How thought every single book thought he wanted to Harry never killed anyone ever (and I believe that he only stunned like three people ever) yes he broke the rules but if you havent let me know and I'll come give you a million dollars. Now understand me I love Harry Potter its my favorite book ever in the world but I'm still a Christian and right now I'm even doing missions work, there are people that will take it to far and say this is what we all need to read everyday and follow it to a tee and only believe what JK Rowling days but there are fanatics in every group even in Christianity there are cults and groups the "drink the coolaid". So in the end I think there are people that can make it an idol but to say that reading this book when there are so many other books and movies and shows that (while I don't know) you and others Christians say are fine is unfair and kinda dumb Thank you

Reyyn Yoder

commented on Dec 21, 2018

If some of this doesn't make sense reread and try to guess I'm not the greatest faith Grammer but I know what I was trying to say XD

Dr. Craig Nelson

commented on Dec 21, 2018

I appreciate your comments. I wrote specifically about Harry Potter and no other book. Christians have the Laodicean liberty to say, do, watch, or listen to anything they want. I came out of the occult and see it a bit differently than most.

Reyyn Yoder

commented on Dec 25, 2018

So I must ask do you read Lord of the rings/ what are your opinions on it. Also I don't want you to feel like I'm attacking you in any way I'm just curious. I love have conversations about this kind of stuff.

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