Summary: To encourage people to bring their needs to Jesus Christ the great physician

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Matthew 12:10-13

June 9, 2002 Sunday AM

Sheridan Arkansas

I am so glad to be a part of a church that believes in healing. Not only do we believe in healing but also we practice it. The bible speaks of healing. Jesus was a healing savior. Jesus wants to help you today. I pray all week for the Lord to be in our service come Sunday, so I believe that He is here in our midst and that He wants to meet needs today. No matter what is going on in your life today, Jesus wants to help you.

The text today takes us to a man with a withered hand; the scripture doesn’t speak anything of his background.

(William Barclay tells of secular history that this man was a carpenter therefore he made his living with his hands. He asked Jesus to heal his hand so he could use it in his trade and he wouldn’t have to beg for food in shame)

Jesus used this event to prove His Messiahship. To prove that He was greater than religion.

Matthew 12: verses 10-13

The religious people wanted to trap Jesus because He was going to heal this man on the Sabbath. Jesus as His custom was would go to the synagogue on the Sabbath. There was discord & disputes going on here, Satan was using this to keep Jesus from doing what he needed to do. As I studied this there were 2 things I saw here:

1.) Jesus was worshipping on the Sabbath. He was where He belonged on the Sabbath. Are we where we belong on the Lord’s day.

2.) Conflict and discord could not cause the savior to forsake the Lord’s house. Our first obligation is to love and to worship the Lord with all of our might.

Jesus confronted this man in the synagogue. Jesus sensed his dependency on God, evidently Doctors were not able to help this man with his withered hand.

NOTE: This withered hand must have been ugly & very noticeable. It must have kept him from supporting himself financially.


1.) A physical handicap does not keep a person from being strong. A person can be handicapped and still be wonderfully strong. He can be strong spiritually and strong mentally, strong in confidence, strong in assurance, strong in a sense of God’s presence and strong in a sense of purpose and meaning. This man with the withered hand evidently knew God’s strength, yet he had a need.

2.) A physical handicap can be greatly used by God - greatly so. God uses handicaps to:

- demonstrate great faith

- to set a vibrant example of trust before loved ones, neighbors and aquaintanences

- to be a dynamic testimony of God’s saving grace

- to cause a persons own salvation

- to draw a person ever so close to God in a very, very special way

(I pastored a man years ago that was in a wheel chair. He was injured in a diving accident when he was 14 years old. He went home that day with a sore neck but when he finally went to the doctor he became paralyzed. He was very limited as to what he could do. He set in every service Sunday morning, Sunday evening & Wednesdays you would always see him sitting in the middle isle always, I mean always with a great big smile on his face. If you came to church in the middle of a "pity-party" for self, when you got to church & shook his hand he would encourage you.)

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