Summary: Sometimes we as God's people find ourselves in need of healing and deliverance. We should recognize our need and freely allow God to have His way in our lives.

'The Healing Word' Psalm 107

Psalm 107:20 He sent His Word and healed them, And delivered them from their destructions.

God sends His Word to bring healing and deliverance to our lives because sometimes that's just what we need; unfortunately sometimes we don't even know it.

I. When do I need deliverance?

a. when the enemy has me bound (v2,10,14)

b. when I can't find my way (v4,'wandered')

c. when I'm hungry and/or thirsty (v5,9)

d. when my soul is fainting within me (v9)

e. when I have trouble (v6)

f. when I'm in distress (v6)

g. when I'm afflicted (v10)

h. when I'm in rebellion (v11)

II. Why does He send His Word?

a. because His Word is His voice (Lu.4:32)

His Word was and is with authority

b. because His Word cannot be broken (Jn.10:35)

What he has spoken, cannot be broken

c. because He has exalted His Word above His name (Psa.138:2)

If His Word cannot be trusted, His name would mean nothing

d. because His Word(the Sword of the Spirit)makes the difference (1Sam.17:50-51)

It was the sword in David's hand that finished off his enemy

III. What does the word do?

a. it redeems me (v2)

b. it delivers me (v6,13,19,20)

c. it breaks chains (v10,14)

d. it heals (v20)

IV. How do I get deliverance? (What will it take for me to be delivered?)

a. I must recognize my need

b. I must seek to be in God's presence (Isa.6:1-6)

When Isaiah was in God's presence, he saw himself

c. I must humble myself (Ja.4:10;2Chron.7:14)

d. I must be willing to be delivered

1.some choose to remain bound

2.some are unwilling to humble themselves

3.some want the power of God without a change of heart

e. I must cry out to God (v6,13,19,throughout Psa.34)

Yes sometimes we as God's people need deliverance and healing for our body and souls. If we don't fight against what we need, then He will send His Word to bring us the deliverance that our soul cries out for.

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