Summary: A message on overcoming adversities we face.

The Heart Of A Hero

1 Chronicles 11:22-25

1. Benaiah was vigilant because of the company he enjoyed.

A. He was one of 30,000 men who faithfully served King David. (2 Sam 6:1)

B. He was one of 30 mighty men who led the armies of Israel. (1 Chr 11:15)

C. He was one of 3 of David’s mightiest men, and served as his bodyguard. (2 Sam 6:1)

2. Benaiah was vibrant because of the cause he espoused.

A. He loved to served King David. (1 Chr 11:15-19)

B. He lived to resist the enemy. (1 Chr 11:24)

C. He longed to do his best. (1 Chr 11:25)

3. Benaiah was valiant because of the conflicts in which he engaged.

A. The men of Moab = The flesh. (Rom 7:14-25)

B. The Egyptian giant = The world (1 John 2:15-16)

C. The lion = The devil (1 Pet 5:8-9)

4. Benaiah was victorious because of the character he exhibited. (Bible names often reveal the character of the person. Here both the ndames of the father and son are used to reveal the chatacter of Benaiah that gave him victory over adversity.)

A. Jehoida = God Knows -

-where you are,

-what you are faced with,

-how much you can endure,

-what you need to make it through the situation ...

B. Benaiah = God Builds -

- He has a purpose in mind,

- He provides necesssary grace for the situation,

- He uses our adversity to make us stronger,

- He builds us up to see us through.

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