Thesis: Appeals to the heart surpass appeals to the pocketbook.


1. Probably no two topics are as connected in the popular mind as churches and money.

a. Illust. A Madison Ave. advertising firm surveyed non-churched people a few yrs. ago and asked them their impression of church. "The problem with church," responddents said, "is that the people are always sad, or they talk about death, or they ask for money."

b. Illust. Kudzu cartoon: "Gimme, gimme, gimme!"

2. There are two dangerous extremes churches can take when it comes to money:

a. Overemphasize it: Selfish, unethical; become preoccupied with institutional advancement.

b. Underemphasize it: Neglect important Biblical teaching on the subject.

3. Bible has a lot to say about money.

a. 20 of 33 of Jesus parables have to do with our attitude toward and use of material things.

b. Jesus had as much to say about money as anything else.

c. WHY? One's spiritual development will not go beyond one's attitude toward material things (Mt. 6:19-21).


A. Ways a church should NOT appeal for money:

1. Tithing.

a. Perhaps most appealing appeal church could make.

b. Much in OT about tithing; nothing in NT!

c. Inferior appeal--must be something better.

2. Signing a pledge card.

a. Each family submits budgeted weekly amount.

1) Assists in making budget.

2) Disciplines our giving.

b. Nothing in Bible--must be something better.

3. Increase a percentage of giving.

a. Budget goes up 20%--ask folks to give 20% more.

b. While this approach recognizes a shared responsibility--there's got to be a better way!

B. Contrast two approaches to asking God's people for funds--both are found within a few short chapters of Exodus.


A. Aaron's Approach (Ex. 32:1-6).

1. Verse 1 ..... Couldn't wait for God.

2. Verse 5 ..... God is an afterthought.

3. Rest of chapter: Moses' anger, Aaron's excuse, God's judgment.

B. Moses' Approach (Ex. 35:4-9).

C. Contrasting these two approaches:

Aaron Moses

Specific--Gold earrings............. General--Whatever.

Mandatory--Command.............. Voluntary--Everyone who is willing.

Impersonal--Just gold............... Personal--Involvement in mission (10).

D. Result? (36:2-7).

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