Summary: How to loose all we have from the Lord.


1Samuel 15;1-35

Obedience brings Gods blessing, while disobedience leads to defeat and destruction.

Salvation provides the dynamic for obedience to the will of God.

1. Anointed to serve.

Saul was selected of God to be anointed as king.

Samuel was sent of God to anoint Saul.

Gods orders smite Amalek destroy all young and old.

Destroy all they have spare none slay men women infant and animals

2. The word of the Lord.

It repenteth me that I set up Saul to be king.

He did not obey my commandments.

He has failed to follow Gods commands.

Samuel wept all night.

3. Evil was done in the eyes of the Lord

Saul said I have obeyed the Lord.

I have their king Agag and destroyed all they had.

The people took sheep and oxen to Gilgal

God has rejected you as king because of your sin.

4. Four things you did .

Rebellion against our Lord.

Sin of witchcraft




5.Disobedience means rejection

False obedience

Blaming others

We are the one who was wrong

We are the one to blame

6. It leads to

Spiritual decline

Moral decay

Loss of blessings

Loss of leader ship

Loss of joy

Loss of contact.

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