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Summary: Ever wondered why God is so serious about sin Let’s look together at it’s consequences

The Cost of Sin

1. Read 2 Samuel 24: 1 – 10

2. Vs: 10 I have sinned ----- Topic today from the Word of God: Sin

Why is Sin so important?

What does the God say to His people: You and me? “Be Holy for I am Holy”

Even God’s mighty man (btw God has no mighty men, Men have an Almighty God)

Have sinned: Let’s learn from that today;

I want to say today: I am standing here today not to judge or condemn any person, BUT with you I am standing under the judgment of the Word of God, a place where all Christians MUST stand, if our lives are to be pleasing to God at all.

1. First: Sin will always take us farther than we intend to go:

No matter what sin.

All the principles we are going to look at today: applies to all sin.

Whether: to lie, rob a bank, to betray some-body, to give way to gossip, immorality etc


Telling a lie--- then that lie WILL FORCE US to tell another to support it, and another

Rom 16:6 16Hardly. You know well enough from your own experience that there are some acts of so-called freedom that destroy freedom. Offer yourselves to sin, for instance, and it’s your last free act. But offer yourselves to the ways of God and the freedom never quits. All your lives you’ve let sin tell you what to do. (The Message)

2. Second: Sin will always invariably expose some-one else to danger or hurt:

Gen 12

Remember Abraham: Called to come out of Ur, to leave an walk with God, then a famine to test Abraham’s faith: He failed, went back into Egypt, and told a lie, about his wife.

Remember he said she was his sister: and Yes Sarah was his half-sister:

SO IT WAS A half-truth.

The result: Pharaoh wanted to take her as his wife.

What was the cause of all this: A half-truth.


3. Always a THIRD thing: Repentance becomes more difficult:

You see if we go to far - the longer we go on in sin, the more we give way and choose the evil, the harder it is to turn around or stop.

I fact if we go to far we MIGHT JUST FOUND IT IMPOSSIBLE to turn around.

The book of Hebrews ALONE warns us no less than 5 times:

Be careful! If you go to far you will find that you can not come back.

Balaam The old Testament prophet pictures this truth to us: (Numbers 22)

Offered money to curse Israel - he knew it was wrong, he did not pray about it,

BUT TO COME TO THE LORD and ask the Lord’s permission to go.

God said NO  BUT Balaam decided to go anyway  God send an angle to block the road - and his own donkey was given speech to speak to Balaam.

What are you praying for this morning ? What are you trying to get out of God?

How many donkeys have spoken to you lately?

DON’T you want to turn around before it is too late?

BUT this morning if you decide to turn around know this: You are dealing with the ONE that deals with hearts, he does not deal with words, DO NOT try to manipulate God, He is not mocked!

BUT know this if you are serious this morning: God forgives freely and fully: If you are serious about it this morning, He is so serious He gave His only begotten Son. He will re-instate you as if it never happened, BUT YOU HAVE to be serious.

Does that mean that all is ended and over, and nothing more will happen to us as a result of that sin?

The answer might shock you this morning BUT IT IS NO!

There are some inevitable results that must occur.

You ask what are these things? (after hearing this we will even better understand why God warns us as His children to live Holy)

4. Fourthly: Sin will leave a permanent area of weakness in our lives:

Once we have given way to temptation it will forevermore remain an area of weakness, where we can so easily give way again. No mater how long you live. We can fall again in that area of weakness and more easy that the first time.

Abraham is our picture again: 30 years after telling a lie, he does exactly the same thing again; He lies about Sarah to the Philistine King. The time he walked with God in between made no difference at all.

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