Summary: Idolatry, in any form, carries a very high price tag. That’s why we need to be aware of the futility of idolatry.

"The High Price Of Idolatry"

[2 Kings 1:1-18]


1 Kings 22:40; 51-53.


We were created to worship and serve God.

When we fail to worship Him in spirit and in truth, we fill that vacuum with something else.

We may not bow down to images of wood and stone, but we idolize many other things with the fervent devotion that is due God alone.

Work, family, money, pleasure, things, hobbies, recreation, whatever!

But idolatry carries a high price tag and we need to be aware of how costly this deadly sin really is:

1. Idolatry ignores the presence of God in our lives.

2. Idolatry eliminates the power of God from working

in our lives.

3. Idolatry undermines the purposes of God from being

realized in our lives.

4. Idolatry opens us up to the judgment of God upon

our lives.


That’s a very high price tag isn’t it?

Why not serve the Lord with faithful obedience and cling to Him?

We will only find that for which we are searching when we find Him.

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