Summary: A continuation of the Easter Series


Luke 22:47-50

Introduction: The story of this miracle is found in all 4 Gospels. Only Luke records the healing. Only John records that it was Peter. This happened right after Jesus anguished in the garden.

I. Enemy of Jesus

A. Either you’re for Him or you’re against Him, there is no middle ground

B. At times, we’re all enemies of Jesus.

C. Peter undoubtedly tried to cut his head off

1. He missed the mark physically and spiritually.

D. How did the servant feel before, during, and after?

1. Self-righteous, Proud, Nervous

2. Angry, Hurt

3. Saved, Forgiven, Clean, Guilty

II. Jesus tells it like it is

A. Sin=Darkness

B. Darkness reigns with enemies of Jesus

C. Enemies of Jesus operate in secret, Darkness=Secret

D. Jesus indirectly calls them cowards

III. Jesus heals and protects

A. Even Jesus’ enemies are made in the image of God

1. Love your enemies

2. ILLUS 533 – Lincoln said of the south, “Am I not destroying my enemies by making them my friends?”

B. Jesus often worked hardest on his enemies, seemingly at the expense of his followers

1. Jesus didn’t hesitate to heal his enemy

C. Had the apostles fought, all would have died

D. Jesus knew it was God’s will that he be arrested

1. This was the answer to his prayer!

E. Jesus fixed it all, he fixes us as well

1. Since we’ve all been enemies of Jesus, he heals us in the same way he healed this servant.

2. Undoubtedly, the servant knew the truth afterwards.

3. Surely others present saw and believed.

Conclusion: Jesus was perfectly in the Will of God. Therefore he healed the servant and saved the world

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