a. Proposition Stated (:13)

1) Introductory formula

2) Concept of Mutual Abiding

3) Products of the Holy Spirit

b. The Holy Spirit Inspired the Testimony of the Apostles which is the Basis for Faith and Love (:14)

1) The testimony of the apostles is based on historical fact

2) The signif. of that hist. fact was revealed by the H.S.

3) The substance of their testimony = the signif. of the fact

"The Father has sent the Son to be the Savior of the world

The Deity of Jesus Christ

The Love of God

c. The Holy Spirit Produces the Faith and Love Which Provide the Assurance of Abiding (:15-16)

1) A true confession of the Deity of Jesus Provides the Assurance of Abiding (:15)

2) God's love motivates our faith and love (:16a)

motivates faith because He has demonstrated love

motivates love because His eternal nature is love

3) Genuine love Provides the Assurance of Abiding (:16b)

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