Summary: The Home can be more when we trust God with the directive for our lives.

The Home A Mission Ground For God Joshua 24:13-15

Wednesday Night 9/27

The matter of greatest importance which holds the very thread of our society in tact is the home. Education cannot hold much value in this day because; anyone who wants may freely an unhinderedly learn all that he wants, without price. It cannot be the government because a civilizations government is only

as strong as the society in which it exists.

The home standing in the solitude of love and nurture stands as a beacon of development to a noble civilization.

The home may:

1. vary in its physical appearance

a. it cannot be judged by either quantity of material comforts, or quality of eminities.

B. The home is a shelter in the coldness of winter and the heat of a desert sun.

c. It is a strong hold that the gates of hell cannot prevail against.

2.A Christian home is where children are reared to respect to honor the value of life.

3. Most of what heaven is are homes could be also if we gave God the inside track rather than the outside track. If we allowed Jesus to shine as His will leads rather than as our mood dictates. Our homes could reflect the good in us and through us if only we allowed the creator to use us as a spring board rather than a stumbling block.

4, If all homes were Christian there would be no need to say farewell.

No need to have world peace summits.

No need for jail or prision.

No need for tears of anxiety,

No fear of uncertain tommorows.

The day would be bright in our land and our tommorows could be today. If we all walk in the Son-light, of our true calling inthe home, and were ministers to each other.

5. The home is a neglected agency of God today.

1. There would be no need of the electric chair if children were tended with God’s directive in the high chair.

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