Summary: What kind of house are you building for your family?

The home built on the rock!

Matthew 7:24-27

While I don’t particularly like to preach messages that follow the themes of the holidays, I think that today that might be in order. Not many times that a man can walk behind a pulpit and share the message of Christ that it isn’t expected to be a change in the lives of those who hear what the Holy Spirit says. There are those who may expect to hear me speak on some different subjects to begin the conclusion of the series of salvation messages we’ve heard but I think with our guests here today this is appropriate.

There is no perfect family, the same way there is no perfect church because of this root cause of imperfection: PEOPLE. We might be able to obtain perfection if it weren’t for the people that we have to deal with and until the perfect ONE comes, there are always going to be problems. The only family on earth that might have had a chance at perfection failed miserably and brought us all into sin. Adam never had to hear Eve talk about all the other guys she could have married and Eve never had to hear Adam talk about how good his mother cooked, but even under that seemingly good condition they failed to be perfect. For all that advantage they still weren’t perfect and every home is going to experience problems and storms. That’s apparent in what Jesus told us in Matthew and I want you to know that these houses were alike on the outside but the difference is the foundation they were built upon. WHEN THE STORM CAME, ONE HOUSE SURVIVED AND THE OTHER DIDN’T.

From this parable rises the question, what foundation is your house built upon? Does your house have a solid foundation or is resting on sinking sand? Father’s have you followed the word of the Lord and taught your house how to build on the foundation that is the Lord Jesus Christ?

In Deuteronomy 6:6&7 (read) We quickly see that the man has the responsibility of teaching and instructing his children the commands of God. For too long women have assumed this role and that’s why the family is suffering, not because of women assuming the responsibility but of the man shirking his. It is the role of the father to lead in the home and to love like Christ loved the church with the role of submission falling to the woman and the rest of the family. Part of the problem is that women won’t submit to Godly leadership by their husbands because they reject the word of God. This is the word of God beloved! Turn to Ephesians 5 if you don’t believe me. I’d like though to really transform this service into a powerful experience in the Holy Spirit though and want to share the power available through having a family altar time.

2 Timothy 2:15&16 (read)


Approved unto God…

A workman that needeth not be ashamed…

Rightly dividing the word of truth…

But vain and profane babblings turn away from them because they only lead to more and more ungodliness. Fathers have you lead your family and instructed them in the ways of the Lord? Do you lead them in worship? Wouldn’t it be something for your children to die and go to a devil’s hell someday because you were the one to reach them? I couldn’t think of anything sadder than to hear my precious children screaming out to me from the pits of hell because they never learned what they were suppose to in Sunday school. We entrust our children to the church to train them and we send them and even come with them, but what are they really learning? Is their teacher praying for them and studying diligently to teach them the word or is it like most things in the church just a lick and a promise when I don’t have anything better to do. Out of all that your child winds up never hearing a clear word from the Lord and they never come to know the Lord Jesus Christ.

Hey there is incompetence in the church the same as there is in the world. Do you ever ask your children how these people teach them in the back? I do and my children won’t be entrusted to some of them because they are fools forsaking the ways of God and following their own fancies. My children’s eternal soul is too important for keeping friendships and such as that. IF ANYBODY IN THIS PLACE TODAY GOES TO HEAVEN I WANT IT TO BE MY CHILDREN! I WON’T HEAR MY KIDS SCREAMING FROM HELL BECAUSE I WAS TOO BUSY!


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