Summary: The whole world will one day see the real “Shock and Awe” of God’s power.


Text – Matthew 28:1 thru 6

Today is Easter. The most celebrated day of the year for the Christian faith. We have come to worship the Risen Savior.

There are many stories that have to do with the morning of the Resurrection.

Throughout the year we give special attention to the joy of and the power of Jesus defeating death and the grave.

This morning I want us to consider how this great victory of the Lord can change our lives.

Before we look closely at our text, drop down to verse 9.

Notice what the response was for those who saw the Risen Savior first.

The NIV version tells us that they -

“clasped His feet and worshipped Him.”

There is no doubt but what each of us have different needs for our life, today. But truly we all have the same Risen Savior to behold and worship Him.

As we listen to a portion of the story of Easter, may we all -

“clasp His feet and worship Him?”

Your situation, this morning, may be much like that of Mary Magdalene and the other Mary. Last week we looked closely at these two women, and we found that one desperately needed the redemption of the sufferings of Jesus on the cross.

While the “other Mary” came to the Cross of Calvary in need of correction and instruction for her life.

Perhaps both of these two women were discouraged and disheartened at the loss of the only Person Who would ever understand their plight in life.

Have you ever felt that way about Jesus?

Are you totally dependent on Him?

You must believe me when I tell you that no One will ever know you like Jesus.

If you have interest in finding any other hope of understanding in any one else, you will (sooner or later) be disappointed.

My friend no one cares for you like Jesus.

I believe both of the women in our story sensed that in Jesus. That is the reason why they came to the tomb early that morning when others would not.

And that is the reason why we come to worship the Lord each Sunday morning even though others may not.

We are in desperate need of His love and forgiveness. I want to encourage each of you to seek the Lord early each and everyday of your life.

The details are sketchy about these two women in our story. There can be lots of speculation, but I have to believe there is a good chance that both had been up all night.

Either they had been grieving all night for their loss, or, maybe they were convinced that today would be the day they would see the Risen King?

Nevertheless, there are many people that we know who often sit up late at night grieving over recent events in their life.

There are times we can become so discouraged and disheartened over our losses that we cannot sleep.

Disappointments can often be the cause of many of our ills. We cannot rest. We cannot relax. We cannot take care of ourselves. Sometimes, we are convinced that we cannot go on.

The difference in the two women in our story is although they may have been discouraged and disheartened, they were not defeated.

I believe these two women had listened to Jesus often enough to know -

· what His death would mean.

· that they were going to plan the rest of their life accordingly.

These two women knew something we must know, also. Jesus may have died on Friday, but He rose on Sunday.

Jesus had given the promise to everyone, but only two discouraged and disheartened women understood or remembered it.

One of the promises Jesus had said –

“…and on the third day I will be perfected.” Jesus may have died on Friday, but He rose on Sunday morning.

My friend you can count on Jesus. You must listen to each of His promises and plan your life accordingly. Don’t ever give up on Jesus. He will keep His Word!

The Devil may have thought he had defeated Jesus on Friday, but he was in for a big surprise on Sunday morning.

Likewise, the Devil may think he has beaten you up, and you may think you have been left for dead, but I want you to know Jesus is a Man of His Word. Jesus won’t forget what He’s promised you.

Don’t give up Jesus.

You have heard His promise before.

He said in –John 14:1

1 "Let not your heart be troubled; you believe in God, believe also in Me.

27 "Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

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