Summary: An outline for a message on the eve of Passover nad the Crucifixion.

Introduction: 6 days until Passover weekend and the crucifixion.

The hour:

Son of God to be glorified

I. The Rewards of Death (vs. 24 – 27)

A. Many will live: the grain of wheat vs. 24

B. Eternal life: love and hate of life vs. 25

C. Presence of Christ: service and submission vs. 26

D. Honor given by God: vs. 26

Jesus focus was on the will of God not the easy way out. In this attitude His desire was to bring glory to the Father. God confirmed that his name had been and would be glorified. Question: when was God’s name glorified?

II. The Results of the Cross (vs. 30 – 32)

A. Judgment Vs. 31

1. Sin revealed by man’s denial and murder of the son of God.

2. Jesus taking our place – the place of the guilty – as a substitute!

B. Devil is defeated vs. 31

1. Colossians 2:15

2. I John 3:8

3. John 16:11

C. Jesus is exalted!

D. His love is shown and has power to draw all men. This is the only way men can be saved! John 14:6 and “no man can come unless he be drawn by the Spirit.”

III. The Response to the Truth

A. Time is short

B. Need is desperate

C. Believe Now

Don’t worry what others might say or think!

Vs. 42 – “For they loved praise from men more than praise from God.”

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