Summary: This sermon begins a series of Christmas sermons and we start with Mary and her humility.

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Humility of Mary

Nazareth- 10 acres, 300 people

Why Mary?

Kyle Idleman- “time to be picky”

We don’t know much about her

Mediatrix & Coredemptrix

We know she was humble

Read Luke 1:26-38 (NLT)

God has chosen her for a huge task

Humility doesn’t come easy

You must have the proper perspective

Mary understood her place in life!

Read v. 38 again

Mary could have rejected the call

You’ve got the wrong girl. You don’t know what you’re doing

She humbly accepts her role

Humility is not insecurity, but confidence to accept the role

Even with a role beneath you

Don’t be insecure, be confident in the role

Beethoven’s piano

Mary is a servant

Not a good thing then or now

Pride keeps us from being humble

“I’m sorry” or “I made a mistake”

She was a servant and understood her place

Mary understood God’s place over her

Read Lk. 1:51, 52 (NLT)

Pride keeps us from admitting our need for God

Christians do this too

“Hey Bill, this sermon’s for you”

Pride in my life with my wife

Not opening up even when she’s right

Not Mary

She understand God’s place over her

1 Cor. 4:7 (LT)

God gives His grace to the humble

The proud don’t think they need it

Pride prevents us from being humble

Salesman’s closing line

If we want God’s grace, we need to be humble

Admit we need Him

May I put this into perspective for you?

Voyager 1, Sep. 5, 1977

8.8 billion miles from sun

Images 3.7 billion miles from earth

“The Pale Blue Dot”, 1994 Carl Sagan

Images on the screen

We want to give you the chance to humble yourself

A chance to accept God’s grace

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