Summary: An Easter devotion that can be used before your children’s egg hunt.

The Hunt is On

Luke 24:1-7

One of the things that I enjoyed about Easter as a child was the hunting of eggs. While my parents made me wear those ridculous easter sunday clothes, I couldn’t wait to get out of them and into my play clothes because I knew then we were about to hunt easter eggs.

And this is a game that never gets old. We never get to old to play this game. It is the game of "Hunting".

As a child - you hunt for the other sock to match the one you found under your bed with all your other toys.

As a teen - you are constantly "hunting". Hunting for the cool friends, a Homecoming date, a Prom date, etc...

As an Adult - the game continues.

We "hunt" for our car keys.

We "hunt" for a good sale on shoes

We "hunt" for deer, duck and quail

As a Sr. Adult - the game is still not over.

We "hunt" for our teeth

We "hunt" for the energy we had as a youth

Everywhere we turn and no matter the age, we are constantly "hunting" or searching for something.

Luke’s gospel tells us that Mary and Mary Magdalene went to the tomb "hunting" Jesus. When they arrived they couldn’t find the Savior. He was gone. So they started "hunting" around the tomb trying to see if they could find a trace of what happened to their friend.

Then an angel appeared and explained that Jesus had risen just like he had promised.

Many people today are searching or "hunting" for things that they feel will make them happy.

Blue Egg - When I see the blue egg, I am reminded of all the folks in this world who are searching for peace. Every where you turn, people are fussing and fighting. We just want to have peace in our lives.

Green Egg - When I see the green egg, I think of all the people who feel that money would change their lives. And it’s the game they continue to play because they never have enough.

Orange Egg - The orange egg represents the sunshine and the happiness that this world is searching. People just want to be happy. And they feel that if they could just find that orange egg, their life would be happy.

Grand Prize Egg - No matter what color of eggs you are searching for we all hope to get the Grand Prize Egg. Even though we may not know what is inside, we would gladly give up all the eggs in our basket just for a shot in getting this egg. People in life feel if they could win the lottery or win Publisher’s Clearing House, all of their problems will be over.

But the most important color would have to be:

Red Egg - it represents the blood that Jesus shed on the cross when He gave His life for you. By finding the red egg you can then qualify to receive the benefits of finding the...

Yellow Egg - which represents our eternal home in heaven.

It’s fun to search for things and to hunt the many different color of eggs and what they represent. But the most important find is when you are able to find Christ (red egg) and accept Him as your personal Savior.

Through Christ, you find:

Peace that you need in your life

The Supplier of All your needs

Happiness you desire

Everything you will ever need. He is the Grand Prize!

But it starts with the search. And for those of you who are looking, not for the eggs, but what these eggs represent you can find it all in Christ Jesus.

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