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Summary: Although Mother’s Day can and should be a joyful celebration, it can for many be a time of great pain.

When we think of holidays like Mother’s Day, we generally think of happy, festive occasions. A day like this produces warm, joyful, and sentimental feelings.

But for others there is another aspect to these occasions for some that we don’t often think of: Pain. For many these days can bring pain, suffering, and great sadness.

“A poll conducted by NBC Dateline and Prevention Magazine found that 41% of the people surveyed rated the holiday season as very stressful, on par with a job interview. Triggers of the holiday blues include stress, fatigue, unrealistic expectations, overcommercialization, financial constraints, inability to be together with one’s family and friends, pressure to be with one’s family and friends, and the demands of shopping, parties, house guests and family reunions.”

Some that might be especially affected by Mother’s Day:

1. Those who Long to be Mothers But Cannot.

2. Those Who Have Lost Mothers.

3. Those Who Live without Mothers—divorce, separation, prison

4. Those Who Languish Because of Bad Mothers—Abuse, addiction, neglect

5. Those Who are Loaded Down by the Responsibilities of being a Mother.

All of these can bring sorrow and sadness, not just for women but for men and children also.

I. In our text we learn that Jesus wants to “Mother” us.

A. Protect, shelter, and bring near.

B. Psalms 27:10 "When my father and my mother forsake me, then the LORD will take me up."

C. Whatever the pain, hurt or sadness, Jesus will take us in His loving arms and care for us.

II.We have to choose to allow Jesus to do this for us—“ye would not.”

A. He only offers—never forces or coerces.

B. We have to say “Yes” and allow Him to do for us what He desires.

III. We cannot choose our pains but we can choose our response to them.

A. Some allow pain to make them bitter, hateful, resentful and even angry with God.

B. Others allow pain to make them humble, sincere, and dependent on God.

C. How will you deal with your pain.

With hatred and resentment

OR By running to the open arms of Christ?

With bitterness and anger

OR by reaching out to the One who is reaching out to you?

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