Summary: I would suggest that (today) modern man certainly knows how to look for, find and worship the false gods of this world without having to use a hammer or chisel.


Text: Exodus 20:1 thru 6

There is a Bible story (found in the book of II Kings) that illustrates for us what can happen when the people of God look for (or try to create) THE IDEAL GOD. The story is about a very young king, named Hezekiah, and how he brought the backsliden nation of Israel back into right standing “in the sight of the Lord.”

In II Kings 18:4, we find that King Hezekiah,

“..removed the high places and broke the sacred pillars, cut down the wooden image and broke in pieces the bronze serpent that Moses had made…”

This is what it took for the chosen people of God to once again be in God’s favor.

They “…cut down the wooden image and broke in pieces the bronze serpent.”

Likewise – this is what it will take for God’s people to find favor with the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Here in America, we are not a generation of people who make it a habit to carve gods out of wood or stone. After all, we Americans consider ourselves too civilized to ever do something like that.

You may be thinking – “People may do things like that in the “eastern mystic religions” with Confucius or Buddha, but not here in this civilized country. After all, we live in the 21st Century.”

I would suggest that (today) modern man certainly knows how to look for, find and worship the false gods of this world without having to use a hammer or chisel.

Our culture, here in the good ole’ USA, has learned how to –

· Make for itself “carved images”

· Serve and worship the false gods

The only difference for people living in the 21st century is that we are much more civilized in how they carve out their false gods and images. We do it with dignity.

Man never seems to have to look very far to find himself a false god to worship.

Ideally, most people would rather other people think good things about them.

We have our idols, and we also make sure we make a good appearance.

I hope I don’t sound too cynical this morning but herein lies the reason why 80% of Americans consider themselves to be spiritual and in right standing with God, and yet only 10 to 15% of them worship the Lord in the House of God on a regular basis.

We need to identify our spiritual weaknesses if we ever hope to see our country turn around. Amen?

I believe the problem our culture has, here in the USA, is that most of America has not found their IDEAL GOD.

No doubt America is searching for more spirituality, but what concerns me is what exactly they are looking for.

Are they looking for THE IDEAL GOD?

What complicates this even further is that Modern-day Christianity is part of the problem. We may not be doing our best.

There are many Christians who –

q Do not realize it but they also are looking for THE IDEAL GOD to worship, exalt and pray to.

q Are good people with good intentions that may or may not attend church on a regular basis.

q Need to reprioritize what and Who they believe in.

q Admittedly do not understand all there is to know about their Christian faith, so (instead) they develop their own perspective and beliefs.

Many people who are searching –

q Have become “Idealist looking for THE IDEAL GOD.

q Are looking for something (or some god) to fit in with their own perspectives and beliefs. The god they are looking for must (however) that fit their lifestyle, likes and dislikes.

q Do not see the purpose in surrendering their lives to the Lord God Jehovah, the only true God of mankind and this universe.

In these days of uncertainty, America must once again reaffirm itself to the overwhelming Truth of God’s Word. The Truth I am speaking of is that there really is only one real God for man to worship.

He is the –

q God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

q The One Who will not accept anyone who is carving out their own religion out of convenience or an individual’s ideology.

q The One and only True God.

Why is this so important?

I am saying all of this because there are many people today who are attracted to the ideology of what they term as the “God of love”.

This is a very common ideology.

But this viewpoint of an IDEAL GOD –

1. Poses a threat against Christianity and God’s plan of salvation and redemption.

2. Blatantly rejects the Truth we must surrender to the God Whom the Bible declares as the God of wrath and judgment.

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