Summary: Mankind was the crowning work of God’s Creation. What does it mean that we are created in the image of God?

The Image of God

Genesis 1:26-27; 2:18-25

The Bible teaches that having created animals, birds, fish and the earth filled with vegetation, God desired to create that which bore His own image. God said that all of creation was “good”, but nothing yet bore His likeness. So God chose to create a special being with the unique capacity to be like Him. This creation would be able to reflect the glory of God, display the character of God, and have a special understanding of God, and even the capacity to love and worship Him. It was God’s intentional plan to create human beings – you and me! What does it mean that we are made in His image?

I. It means we have the ability to reason.

A. The origin of man is founded in the deliberate, intelligent decision of God to create. Not by chance. As Albert Einstein said, “God does not play dice.”

B. He created us to be able to think, reflect, decide. Learn, feel and know. Our capacity to do so mirrors the nature of God Himself. We cannot think as He thinks with all-knowing and understanding. Our capacity is but a taste of His.

C. This ability sets us apart from the rest of creation. He set man over the rest of creation to care for it and to use it according to the purposes of God.

II. It means we have a moral sense.

A. God created us to be able to truly know right from wrong.

B. We are not like animals in that we only learn to do things based on repetition and reward/punishment. We have the God-given ability to know in our heart and mind what is good and evil, right and wrong.

C. That is why God can tell us what is right and good in His Word and expect us to obey and follow Him. He holds us accountable because He has given us the capacity to discern that which is good.

III. It means we have the capacity for relationship.

A. God has given us the capacity to form deep, abiding, love relationships.

B. He gave the marriage relationship as the beautiful picture of such a relationship.

C. As part of that truth, He has given us the ability to be in relationship with Himself. God wants to know you in a personal way! Do you know Him?


God has created us for what is sacred and holy. He has created us for Himself. Are you fulfilling what God has made you for? Have you settled for less? May the path of your life reflect the truth that God has made you in His image, for Himself, and may it be so from this day forward!

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