Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: The Impact of the Holy Spirit on people, the church and society.

Sermon: Spiritual Impact

Script. Txt: Acts 10:34-46

Location: FBC Grove City

Date: 03 Feb 2002

Main Theme: The Impact of Holy Spirit.

Acts 4:31-36


Several years ago the scientific community put the world on notice that at any moment and without much warning, our beloved home (Earth) could suffer the impact of a giant asteroid. Hollywood was quick to pick up on this and soon it seemed every Movie of the week played off this fear. No one can say for sure how the world wold prevail should that ever really occur. Everything from catastrophic title waves, to total inhalation of all life is predicted. One thing is certain; should something like this ever happen, the earth will never be the same.

Jesus told his disciples in John 16 that it is better that He should go to His Father in Heaven for when He does, God will send the Holy Spirit. Following the resurrection, the Holy Spirit was sent, and with more impact than a giant asteroid. The earth has been changed forever. Tonight we will consider the impact of the Holy Sprit, first on the believer, second on the church and third on society.

1. The impact of the Holy Spirit on the man of God:

a. The Holy Spirit makes us aware of God’s Power (Vs. 31)

b. Holy Spirit brings a new awareness of what the gospel really is;


John Calvin – “The chief work of the Spirit toward humanity is the creation of saving faith, which is more than blind trust in a God who may or may not save; it is instead a confidence born of grasping God’s beneficence toward us, namely Jesus Christ, the risen Lord.”

c. The Holy Spirit brings us into spiritual tension with reality.

(John 14:17)

2. The impact of the Holy Spirit on the Church:

a. The Church has a new awareness of the Unity. (Vs. 32)

b. The Church has a new awareness of the Holiness of God.

(Isa 6:3, Rev 15:4)

c. The Church has a new awareness of sin.

(Rom 6:19)

d. The hearers of the Word have an awareness of hope

(2nd Corinthians 4:16-18)

3. The impact of the Holy Spirit on society

a. The Holy Spirit brings a sense of God’s rule.

Gen: 1:1 – God First

John 1:1 – Jesus First

Rev 22-21 – God Last

b. The Holy Spirit adds new awareness of what Christ can be. (Vs 33b)

c. The Holy Spirit brings a new awareness of God Himself.

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