Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: People are crying out for something they count on. The basics of New Testament Christianity are the foundation of just that.


INTRO: Bible believers sometimes cry “Let’s get back to basics.” They want what God offers and not preacher talk or church

propaganda. “Give me something real, something I can trust in, something from God!”

I wish to do a couple of lessons on “Back To Basics”. Today we will be dealing with the definitions and a brief lesson.


A. Bible Words:

1. Stoicheion- any first thing, from which the others belonging to some series or composite whole take their rise, an element, first principal; the letters of the alphabet as the elements of speech, the elements from which all things have come; the elements, rudiments, primary and fundamental principles of any art, science, or discipline

2. Arche -beginning, origin; that by which anything begins to be, the origin, the active cause

B. We Say: “foundational” and “fundamental”.

C. In School: ABC’s, 123.s

D. At Work:

1. Plumber starts with cutting, sanding and soldering.

2. Carpenter first measures, cuts, nails.

3. Auto mechanic learns about principles of internal combustion engines and various mechanical laws.

E. With God. We learned:

1. Respect for Almighty God

2. That the Bible is God’s inspired message

3. There are 66 separate parts and 2 divisions

4. About Faith:

a. Come s by hearing-Rom. 10:17; Mk. 16:16

b. New way to live...Heb. 11:6

c. Necessity of remaining faithful till the end( Rev. 2:10)

5. About Baptism: mode and reason

6. Importance of Church and Commitment


A. If We Progress, We Still Utilize the Basics:

1. Mathematician uses 1,2,3’s

2. English teacher depends on ABC’s

3. Master plumber needs to know how to cut and solder pipe.

4. Hebrews 6:1-3- This “leaving” does not abandon basics.

B. Back To Basics Means;

1. Believing the Bible to be God’s inspired word- II Tim. 3:16

a. Inspire= breathed

b. No book like the Bible

2. We will be judged by the Word -John 12:48

a. Doesn’t matter what “church fathers” said

b. Not judged by what Pope, Grandpa, Martin Luther said

3. Jesus is the One and Only Savior- Matt. 1:21

a. John 14:6; cf. 6:68

b. Acts 4:12

4. We live under the New Covenant- I Cor. 11:25

a. Heb. 9:17

b. This is fresh agreement with us -John 1:17

5. I can sin and be forgiven a multitude a times- I John 1:7-2:2

6. But I can sin so as to be cut off from God- Heb. 10:26


On January 6, 1822, the wife of a poor German pastor had a son, never dreaming that he would one day achieve world renown and great wealth. When Heinrich Schliemann was seven years old, a picture of ancient Troy in flames captured his imagination. Contrary to what many people believed, Heinrich argued that Homer’’s great poems, the Iliad and the Odyssey, were based on historic facts and he set out to prove it. In 1873, he uncovered the ancient site of Troy, along with some fabulous treasure which he smuggled out of the country, much to the anger of the Turkish government. Schliemann became a famous, wealthy man because he dared to believe an ancient record and act on his faith.

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